Jeff Foxworthy Brings Comedy for Charity

Foxworthy served as guest speaker at the Salvation Army's Annual Breakfast.

Growing up in Hapeville, Georgia, Jeff Foxworthy admits he and his family didn't have much. Now the comedian and host of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader has more than ever imagined but still gives back to the community.

At the 's annual breakfast for their Home Sweet Home program, Foxworthy encouraged attendees to not only donate their money but their time to charity. The funny man got serious when he told how he initially got involved with the Union Mission in Atlanta where he leads a Bible Study. "I'm ashamed to say, I didn't really have a heart for homeless people," said Foxworthy. Until he met a young man who'd lost his mother, father and brother to suicide and then turned to drugs. That's when Foxworthy said he decided to do something and started donating his time to the mission.

Foxworthy said you don't necessarily need to donate money to make a difference. "You can volunteer your time, you can volunteer your resources," Foxworthy told Patch after the breakfast. "It's real easy to do... We are all in this together."

The Salvation Army's Home Sweet Home Program began in 2008. It helps newly homeless families or those at risk of losing their homes quickly find more stable housing.


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