Good Night, Sleep Tight: A Consistent Bedtime Routine Ensures a Good Night Sleep

A child’s body and mind are working hard to grow and develop and sleep provides the rest they need.

When it comes to bedtime, parents have heard it all-- “just one more story, p-l-e-a-s-e” and “I’m thirsty” to “there’s a monster under my bed!” While the excuses may change from night to night, one thing remains the same; in spite of their reluctance to give up on the day, children need a good night’s sleep.

A child’s body and mind are working hard to grow and develop and sleep provides the rest they need.  A good sound night of sleep promotes alertness the next day, stimulates brain development, helps keep the immune system strong and reduces stress. However, going from playtime to bedtime can be tough for a child.

So, how can you make the nighttime transition easier? Start with these bedtime tips from Dr. Mary Zurn, vice president of education at Primrose Schools: Be consistent. Repetition of a nightly routine helps children feel more secure. Establish a bedtime ritual and stick to it--even on the weekends. You will find that knowing what to expect will make your child is far less resistant to going to bed.

Incorporate soothing activities. Include calming activities in your nighttime routine to help wind down from the day. A calming bubble bath is the perfect way for your child to relax and get clean.

Brush teeth. Brushing teeth is an essential part of a bedtime routine from a health standpoint and signals that it’s time for all snacking to cease.

Buy comfortable pajamas. Just like you, children want to be comfortable when they sleep.  Choose pajamas that are seasonally appropriate and non-restrictive.

Read a bedtime story. Reading 20 minutes a day with your child will contribute greatly to your child learning to read.  You will also be sending the message that reading is fun because snuggling up to a good book can transport you both to a different world.

Have quality time. Use the end of the day as a time to relax and connect. Ask your child to tell you the story of their day and share highlights of yours.  You can encourage their creativity by making your story a tall tale.  

Sing a song or play some soothing music. Send your little one off to sleep with sweet lullabies or light background music. Soft music can also help drown out other noises in your home, keeping that sleepy child sound asleep.

Say goodnight. Don’t make a habit of drawing out the final goodnight--make sure the room is a comfortable temperature, turn the nightlight on, and say, “Goodnight, sweet dreams, and see you in the morning.”

To learn more about Primrose School of Five Forks, visit for a tour at 3030 River Drive in Lawrenceville, or call 770.985.0028.


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