Woodall Visits Cedar Hill Elementary School

Congressman Woodall makes his first visit to the elementary school to discuss politics with 3rd graders.

Rep. Rob Woodall made his first visit to Tuesday morning. “This was my first visit to Cedar Hill Elementary School and hopefully it will not be my last,” Woodall said in a release.

The congressman began his day at Cedar Hill by taking part the morning announcements over the school's public address system. Two students received a special surprise during those announcements. Benjamin Vo and Diana Ceballos learned they were the winners of the Capital Art Award Exhibition. The contest was sponsored by the Georgia Art Education Association.

Woodall also helped bring politics to life to some students. He read House Mouse, Senate Mouse, a children’s book about the legislative process, to over 200 third graders. The eleven third grade classes are currently learning about government as part of their required curriculum. After the reading, the congressman talked about what he does in Washington and answered questions from the kids.

“I hope that my visit helped reinforce the notion that government is more than words on a textbook page; it is a body in action, and one that very much affects them,” said Woodall.


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