Woodall Calls Water Decision a "Major Step for Gwinnett"

The Congressman issued a statement regarding the overturn on the use of water from Lake Lanier.

(R) issued the following statement:

“Tuesday’s court decision about the intended purpose of Lake Lanier was a major step forward for Gwinnett county and metro-Atlanta.  This decision affirms what many Georgia officials involved in the tri-state water discussions have advocated for years, that the Lake Lanier Reservoir was meant to supply northeast Georgia’s families and businesses with a steady and adequate supply of water.  With this decision there is now an honest foundation on which the three Governors can proceed in their discussions on how to responsibly manage the water supply from the ACF river basin, which we must all share.  The best conservation techniques in the world wouldn’t help to counter a complete absence of water supply from Lake Lanier.”

“I look forward to working with Governor Nathan Deal, the Georgia delegation, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on the next steps to ensure that water from Lake Lanier will continue to flow to millions of Georgia residents.”


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