Smith, Kirby, Headed for a Runoff in Ga. House District 107 Race

The two men will face each other again on Super Tuesday, March 6.

With 99 percent of the precincts reporting in the , it would appear that newcomer and are headed for a runoff on March 6. The Special Election is to fill the unexpired term of to take a full time ministerial position.

According to the Secretary of State website, with 41.9 percent of the votes, Smith, was the top vote getter in the Gwinnett County precincts with 525 of the 944 votes cast. Kirby got 233 votes, and 71. In Walton County, however, Banks was the top vote getter with 388 votes, Smith got 299, Kirby 232 and Lynch 99. There were 1018 votes cast in Walton County. A total of 1,962 votes were cast for the district. Of those, Smith took 822 or 41.9 percent of the vote, Kirby 465 or 23.7 percent, Banks 459 or 23.4 percent and Lynch 216 or 11 percent of the vote. Kirby, with a more even split between the two counties, was just 6 votes ahead of Banks. All four candidates were Loganville residents.

Election officials said there was a very low turnout, which is usually the case in special elections. However, with the runoff coinciding with the Georgia Republican Presidential Primary on Super Tuesday, a much higher turnout is expected. The two candidates now have less than a month to solidify their support. Neither Smith or Kirby have held elected office before.


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