Restaurant Inspections: September 11

A Lawrenceville, Ga. middle school was inspected and falls short of a perfect score.

The following are restaurant health inspection scores as reported by Gwinnett County:

, 1221 Lawrenceville Highway
Score: 95 A
Inspection Date: 
September 11
Previous Score: 100 A (1/18/12), 100 A (8/29/11)
Type of inspection:
Violations: 8-2B, Violation of Code: [.07(6)(g) ] Hillyard Vindicator quaternary ammonium is being used for cleaning the table for the slushy service and the microwave in the cafeteria. The label does not indicate this chemical is to be used for food safe surfaces. When tested with a test strip, the product was more than 500 ppm. From discussion with the kitchen manager, it was determined that this product comes from the dispensing station in the custodian's area. Chemical sanitizer used for food safe surfaces must be at 200 ppm quaternary ammonium (also refer to the product's specifications on the label for the upper range allowed for food safe surfaces). Use the sanitizer dispensed from the kitchen for the tables and microwave. Spray bottles have now been changed to the quat sanitizer dispensed from the kitchen. Corrected On-Site. New Violation. 14C, Violation of Code: [.05(10)(g)(1)&(3) ] 1. Volunteer selling/serving the slushies is handling the beverage cups near the tops of the cups where the student's mouth will touch. All unwrapped beverage cups must be handled at the base of the cup to protect the food/lip contact surface from contamination. 
2. Cups are placed unprotected on the serving table. Leave the beverage cups in the original plastic sleeve to expose only the base of the cup at the top of the stack (or a protective dispenser may be used). New Violation. 14C Violation of Code: [.05(6)(r) ] Single-use jugs which resemble liquid margarine jugs are being reused for slushy syrup. Kitchen manager stated that the vendor brings those jugs to the school. The jugs have parts which are not easily cleanable, such as the curved handle which is open to the interior of the jug. Do not reuse single-use containers. Obtain suitable containers to be the mixing containers. Make sure they are smooth and easily cleanable. New Violation.


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