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6:58 - Meeting is set to start.

7:02 - Linda Campbell giving invocation. Honoring remembrance of 9/11 with a quote from George W. Bush.

7:07 - Powell and Martin are not here yet. Powell is in a legal meeting and Martin is at a board meeting at Providence Christian Academy, however there is a quorum present.

7:08 - Motion to approve agenda passes.

7:08 - Mayor reads proclamation naming October Alpha Delta Kappa month. In honor of volunteer service.

7:10 - Announcements

Gwinnett Municipal Association's "Can-Do" project. September is a Back to School collection. Collecting ready to go snacks for school or after school like granola bars, pudding packs, etc. 

Last concert on the square is Sept. 20th, Rock 'n Rib Fest is Oct 6.

Beiser - Veteran's museum honored Mayor with a plaque for supporting the museum when she took a picture of her father to the museum. The museum has had 25,000 visitors.

Clark - Reminder that the Gwinnett County Fair starts this week. Second largest fair in Georgia.

7:15 - VIII. Minutes to Approve

1. Lawrenceville City Council - Work Session - Jun 20, 2012 3:00 PM

2. Lawrenceville City Council - Regular Meeting - Jun 4, 2012 7:00 PM

3. Lawrenceville City Council - Executive Session - Jun 4, 2012 7:01 PM

4. Lawrenceville City Council - Regular Meeting - Aug 6, 2012 7:00 PM

5. Lawrenceville City Council - Special Call - Aug 15, 2012 3:01 PM

6. Lawrenceville City Council - Work Session - Aug 15, 2012 3:00 PM

Motion to approve by Clark, second by Beiser. Approved 3-0.


7:16 - 

IX. Consent Agenda

1. Purchase of Law Books for Police Department

2. Purchase of Ten 25KVA Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformers

Purchase books from Lexis Nexis for $335
Purchase of transformers for $6850 to be used by electrical dept.
Beiser motions to approve, Johnson seconds. Approved 3-0.

7:20 X. Public Hearing

A. PH - Old Business

1. Second Reading Rz-12-02 530 Lyle Circle RS-150 to BG

Presented by: Josh Ferguson Alessandro Salvo

Applicant wishes to get permit to rezone.

Clark has questions for Salvo.

"How would you characterize the business?" - A utilities, roadscape and landscape facility. Site in question is a storage site.

Beiser Motions to approve change. Johnson seconds.

Discussion - Salvo's office is currently on neighboring lot. Purchased new lot for future growth. Some concern about noise.

7:25 - Councilmember Martin arrived.

Johnson asks to go to a vote. 

Martin is considering stepping out of the room during the vote since he came in the middle of the discussion.

Lawyer advising that since Martin has arrived, Mayor does not vote and Martin would vote.

Martin opting to step out to "keep things simple."

Motion to approve does not pass. 2-1. Beiser & Johnson vote yes, Clark no.

Motion to table to October meeting. Approves 3-0.

Clark - "I think there is a solution," in reference to noise.

7:32 - Martin returns for rest of meeting.

2. Second Reading BN Zoning District Amendment

Presented by: Josh Ferguson

Planning Commission recommends adding sale of distilled spirits to BN Zoning.

Johnson asks for motion.

Martin asks if current licensees have to come back and apply for amended license. Ferguson says yes. 

Martin motions to approve, Clark seconds.

Approved 3-0.

B. PH - New Business

1. Appeal of Section 8.7 368 Grayson Hwy. Central Gwinnett Veterans Association

Presented by: Josh Ferguson John Veverka

Requesting to enclose a pavilion and add a new patio.

Commander Veverka addressing council. When he started, they had about 100 members, now they have 700+. "The place just isn't big enough. That's why we have to expand it."

Martin motions to approve. Beiser seconds. 

Martin adds discussion. He's seen the location in question and praises the VFW for the location.

Carries 3-0.

7:39 - 

2. Appeal of Section 8.7 249 Hurricane Shoals Rd. Premier Construction Systems, Inc.

Presented by: Josh Ferguson Scott Philips

Applicant wishes to expand in rear of an existing building currently in metal. Requesting to add a brick or stone facade for front.

Clark motions to table since the applicant is not here, however Ferguson said Philips would like an answer either for or against tonight.

Martin seconds discussion.

Beiser visited Premier today and gives description of building saying it has beautifully remodeled inside. They make the barns and storage houses you see at Home Depot.

Martin asking for addition to add a condition requiring facade in brick or stone and landscaping if need be.

Motion to table fails 2-1. Martin & Beiser oppose. Clark for.

Martin motions to approve with conditions of landscaping of at least $1500 and using a brick facade. Clark seconds.

Beiser hopes there's room for all of that.

Call for vote. Carries 3-0.

7:48 - 

3. First Reading Rz-12-01 181 Scenic Highway - QuikTrip Corporation

Presented by: Josh Ferguson Michelle Rothmeier

Zoning commission recommends approval with conditions.

Clark approves first read, Martin seconds. Approved 3-0.

Second read will be at October meeting.

A. CB - Old Business

1. An Ordinance to Change the Notice Provision of the Property Maintenance Code

Presented by: Frank Hartley (Correction: Thompson)

First read. Ordinance from Quality of Life. If someone is a repeat offender, you do not need to give a warning notice.

Beiser motions to approve. Clark seconds.

Carries 3-0.


B. CB - New Business

1. Purchase Residential Meters

Presented by: Mike Hutchins

Inventory on residential meters is low due partly to an increase in sale and construction of new homes. Requesting to purchase on an as needed basis 1,000 new meters over probably 4 or 5 months. 

Beiser motions to approve. Second by Clark. Carries 3-0.

2. Camp Mitchell and Ozora Station

Presented by: Mike Hutchins

Station needs to be rebuilt.

Martin motions to approve. Second by Beiser. Clark asks if staff will do the work, answer, yes. Carries 3-0.

3. Contract to Make Bores

Presented by: Mike Hutchins

Gas Dept looking for contracts to make several bores since city does not have equipment. Will cause very little disturbance to property owner's land. Dept also looking into purchasing equipment. Martin says also need to know how to operate. Would rather push liability to a contractor.

Martin motions to approve. Clark seconds. Carries 3-0.

4. Replace Leaking Valve

Presented by: Mike Hutchins

Currently a leaky valve and requesting to purchase material to replace leaky and antiquated valve.

Beiser motions to approve. Martin seconds.

Not an emergency situation.

Carries 3-0.

5. Upgrade Two Regulator Stations

Presented by: Mike Hutchins

Inspecting regulating station as required by public service commission.

Martin motions to approve. Second by Beiser. Carries 3-0.

6. Purchase Itron AMR Units

Presented by: Mike Hutchins

Proposing to buy 15,000 of the 45,000 units needed.

Martin motions to approve. Clark seconds. Carries 3-0.

7. Restock Electric Cable Conduit

Presented by: Dennis Billew

Supply of 2" & 4" conduit is running low.

Clark motions to approve. Beiser seconds. Carries 3-0.

8. Emergency Purchases - Water Department

Presented by: Robert P. Baroni

Martin motions to approve. Beiser seconds. Carries 3-0.

9. Thornbush Trace [Camden] Emergency Expense

Presented by: Dennis Billew

Martin motions to approve. Beiser seconds.

Johnson wishes to extend a word of thanks to the people who worked the weekend to take care of this situation.

Carries 3-0 to approve payment of $17,000.


10. Craigdale Estates Drainage Improvement Bid Tabulation

Presented by: Paul Austin

Total of 7 bids. Low bid from Strickland and Sons. 

Martin asks source for funding, answer- SPLOST

Clark motions to approve, Martin seconds.

Carries 3-0.



Presented by: Paul Austin

Had already awarded project to RITS. Turns out Kimley Horn contacted city with a development project they specified to different types of utility poles. Poles they called for in original bid was for a plain pole, but city can get pole for $2,000 more. Only need one pole and change arm.

Martin motions to approve, Beiser seconds. Carries 3-0.

8:16 - 

12. Bid Approval - Heritage Trail Phase I

Presented by: Dennis Billew

Has to be approved by GDOT but requesting city's approval so they can go ahead as soon as they get the state's approval.

Martin motions to approve, Beiser seconds.

Carries 3-0.

13. Contract for Use of City Property

Presented by: Lisa Sherman

For Making Monster Production. Would like to film an independent film in the city. Specifically old police station, 2 surplus police cars and one or two police officers for security. Filming scheduled for last week of September.

Clark - "Use of surplus police cars. Does this mean they will be destroyed?" No, they do not. They need unmarked police cars so they can label them with the fictional city.

Clark motions to approve contract. Second by Beiser.

Carries 3-0.

14. ARC Pay and Classification Study

Presented by: Steve North

Study was approved by Council. Study will be an update. Should start Sept 24 & be finished by the end of the year.

Beiser motions to approve, second by Clark. Carries 3-0.

15. Employee Wireless/Mobile Device Agreement

Presented by: Steve North

Clark motions to approve. Second by Martin. Carries 3-0.

16. Special Event Alcohol License

Presented by: Steve North

For Rock 'n Ribs Fest.

Martin motions to approve. Beiser seconds.

Carries 3-0.

17. Surplus Vehicles

Presented by: Steve North

Would like to sell vehicles at auction.

Beiser motions to approve. Martin seconds.

Carries 3-0.

8:32 18. Approval of Georgia DOT Contract for Resurfacing Funds

Presented by: Robert P. Baroni/Dennis Billew

Contract is just to resurface 12 streets in the city. Asking council for $126,000 to do milling and preparation of the streets. Would also like to add Paper Mill Rd to the list. Only one side was resurfaced when county made repairs. Also would like to resurface Neal Blvd. Two roads would be another $146,000.

Martin - Will there be savings by doing this at the same time? Billew- Yes.

Martin motions to approve. Second by Clark.

Carries 3-0.

8:36 - 19. August 2012 Emergency Expenditures

Presented by: Robert P. Baroni

Johnson - No need to vote on matter. Baroni said item has been taken care of.

20. August Small Purchases #3

Presented by: Robert P. Baroni

Clark motions to accept. Beiser seconds. Carries 3-0.

21. Small Purchase

Beiser motions, Martin seconds. Carries 3-0.

XII. Public Comment

To participate in the Public Comment part of the Agenda, you must register prior to 10am 6 business days before the meeting. Presentations will be limited to 2 minutes.

1. Mr. Chris Carrier

Asking about salary in police department. He's badge #6, one of the original to join force. Been on the force for 27 years. Asks why there's no longevity pay.

Martin moves for extra time. Approved.

Carrier spoke with Chief Johnson and said it was brought to previous councils and nothing had been done. Spoke with another officer who said he's making 8 cents an hour more than Carrier with 9 years on the force. Council needs to look at longevity pay. "We're in a level of a job that could be our last day of work."

Mayor will consider what Carrier said tonight. 

8:44 - 

XIII. Executive Session - Personnel, Litigation, Real Estate

XIV. Final Adjournment


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