Lawrenceville City Council Agenda: July 16, 2012

A public hearing for the GGC-Downtown Corridor will be held as well as discussion about a crosswalk on Crogan Street near the Visitors' Center and Honest Alley. Lawrenceville Patch will be live blogging from the meeting Monday night.




70 S. Clayton Street

Lawrenceville, GA 30046


Monday, July 16, 2012 7:00 PM Council Assembly Room

I. Call to Order

II. Prayer

III. Pledge of Allegiance

IV. Agenda Additions/Deletions

V. Announcements

VI. Minutes to Approve

A. June 12, 2012 Called Meeting

B. June 20, 2012 Work Session

C. July 9, 2012 Called Meeting

VII. Consent Agenda

1. Purchase Items Using Asset Forfeiture Funds

2. Police Building HVAC "Controls" Maitenance Contract

3. Police Building HVAC Equipment Maintenance Contract

4. Material for Farm Taps

5. Purchase of Inserts and Bolts from Tidewater Which is a Single Source Provider for the Morbark Grinder.

6. Gwinnett College Contract

7. Housing Authority Contract

8. Forms Folder Sealer

VIII. Public Hearing

Discussions will be limited to 7 minutes per side including rebuttal. Discussions on Zoning issues will be limited to 10 minutes per side including rebuttal. Questions and answers from Council Members will not infringe on the time limit.

A. PH - Old Business

1. Appeal of Section 8.7 of the Zoning Ordinance (305 Equipment Ct.)

Presented by: Josh Ferguson Bob Hoffman

2. Second Read SU-12-02 Marvin Hewatt Enterprises, Inc 350 Equipment Court Lawrenceville, GA 30046 7-012-115

Presented by: Josh Ferguson Michelle Rothmeier

3. Second Read SU-12-03 Marvin Hewatt Enterprises 350 Equipment Court Lawrenceville, GA 30046 7-012-115

Presented by: Josh Ferguson Michelle Rothmeier

B. PH - New Business

1. Public Hearing for the GGC-Downtown Corridor Study

Presented by: Judy Jordan Johnson Jim Summerbell - Jacobs

2. Appeal of Section 8.7 of the Zoning Ordinance (Lightnin RV)

Regular Meeting Agenda July 16, 2012

Presented by: Josh Ferguson Gary Lewis

3. Meeting Rz-12-01 181 Scenic Highway - QuikTrip Corporation

Presented by: Josh Ferguson Michelle Rothmeier

IX. Council Business

There is no public comment during this section of the agenda unless formally requested by the Mayor and Council after an official vote.

A. CB - Old Business

1. LTTA Agreement

Presented by: Mayor & Council/LTTA

B. CB - New Business

1. Gas System Inspector

Presented by: Mike Hutchins

2. Concrete Repairs

Presented by: Mike Hutchins

3. 800 Cf Meters

Presented by: Mike Hutchins

4. Differential Pressure Transmitters

Presented by: Mike Hutchins

5. Old Norcross Regulator Station

Presented by: Mike Hutchins

6. Six Month Purchases

Presented by: Mike Hutchins

7. Approve Sole Source

Presented by: Mike Hutchins

8. Crogan Street Mid-Block Crossing

Presented by: Paul Austin

9. Saddle Shoals Subdivision Pool Demolition

Presented by: Paul Austin

10. Second Read Alcohol Ordinance Amendments

Presented by: Lee Thompson

11. Second Read Foreclosed, Vacant & Delinquent Property Registry

Presented by: Lee Thompson

12. First Reading Adopt Changes to County Park Ordinance

Presented by: Frank Hartley

13. Strategic Leadership

Presented by: Judy Jordan Johnson

14. July Small Purchases

Presented by: Robert P. Baroni

15. Approve Georgia Municipal Association Membership

Presented by: Robert P. Baroni

16. Public Notice of the Municipal General Election for the City of Lawrenceville

for the Election to be Held November 6, 2012.

Presented by: Lee Thompson

Regular Meeting Agenda July 16, 2012

17. Information Item


Presented by: Robert P. Baroni

X. Public Comment

To participate in the Public Comment part of the Agenda, you must register prior to 10am 6 business days before the meeting. Presentations will be limited to 3 minutes.

1. Creekside Subdivision Community Report

Presented by: Doug Mills

XI. Executive Session - Personnel, Litigation, Real Estate

XII. Final Adjournment


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