Lawrenceville City Council Agenda: February 4, 2013

An update of the College Corridor will be given during Monday's meeting.


~ Agenda ~

Monday, February 4, 2013 7:00 PM Council Assembly Room  

 I. Call to Order 

II. Prayer 

III. Pledge of Allegiance 

A. Special Needs School 

IV. Agenda Additions/Deletions 

V. Proclamations 

A. African American History Month 

VI. Announcements 

A. Marlene Taylor Crawford 

VII. Minutes to Approve 

1. Lawrenceville City Council - Special Call - Jan 16, 2013 3:00 PM 

2. Lawrenceville City Council - Executive Session - Jan 16, 2013 7:00 PM 

3. Lawrenceville City Council - Work Session - Jan 16, 2013 3:01 PM 

VIII. Consent Agenda 

1. Application for Parade Permit 

2. Use of Asset Foreiture Funds for Training Opportunity 

3. Purchase of Radio and Telephony Recording System for Police Department 

4. Purchase Items Using Asset Forfeiture Funds - Speed Detection Devices 

5. Purchase Tapping Tees 

6. Training for GPR Units 

7. Restock of Fittings 

8. Document Imaging Software Maintenance 

9. Inventory of Power Poles and Line Attachments 

10. College Corridor Update 

11. Datamatic Inventory 

12. 2013 Annual Tree & Stump Removal Bid 

13. Purchase of Postage Machine Off State Contract 

14. Purchase Items Using Asset Forfeiture Funds 

15. Mutual Aid Agreement 

16. Explorer Competition 

17. Purchase Pipehorns 

18. Purchase Residential Regulators 

19. Purchase Jameson Locating Equipment 

20. Concrete Repair 

21. Utilize a Mailing Service 

22. Surplus Vehicle 

23. 1St Quarter Financial Statements

IX. Public Hearing 

Discussions will be limited to 7 minutes per side including rebuttal. Discussions on Zoning issues will be limited to 10 minutes per side including rebuttal. Questions and answers from Council Members will not infringe on the time limit. 

A. PH - Old Business 

1. Second Reading Rz-12-03 134 Industrial Park Drive RS-150 to ON 

Presented by: Josh Ferguson Chris Davis 

2. Appeal of Section 8.7 905 Grayson Hwy. Jon Stewart of Elite Sport Enterprise Inc. 

Presented by: Josh Ferguson Jon Stewart 

B. PH - New Business 

1. Meeting Rz-12-04 310 & 320 Phillip Boulevard C2 (County) to BG 

Presented by: Josh Ferguson Jody C. Campbell 

X. Council Business 

There is no public comment during this section of the agenda unless formally requested by the Mayor and Council after an official vote. 

A. CB - Old Business 

B. CB - New Business 

1. Items to Implement Strategic IT Plan 

Presented by: Kyle J. Parker 

2. Contract for Probation Services 

Presented by: Steve North 

3. Recycling Contract 

Presented by: Robert P. Baroni 

4. Street Lighting Approval 

Presented by: Robert P. Baroni 

5. Hetitage Trail Medallions Approval 

Presented by: Robert P. Baroni 

6. Approval of Purchase 

Presented by: Robert P. Baroni 

7. January 2013 Small Purchases #2 

Presented by: Robert P. Baroni 

8. Appointment to the Architectural Review Board 

Presented by: Judy Jordan Johnson 

XI. Public Comment 

To participate in the Public Comment part of the Agenda, you must register prior to 10am 6 business days before the meeting. Presentations will be limited to 2 minutes. 

XII. Executive Session - Personnel, Litigation, Real Estate 

XIII. Final Adjournment 


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