District 3 Commission Candidates Discuss Reasons for Seeking Office

The four candidates for Gwinnett County Commission District 3 answer questions submitted by Patch readers.

Next month, voters in Gwinnett County District 3 will decide if Mike Beaudreau, Tommy Hunter, Mike Korom or Jerry Oberholtzer will serve as the area's next county commissioner.

Patch asked each of the candidates to answer a series of questions relating to current political issues. The questionnaires were based in part on questions submitted by readers. Patch did not limit the length of the responses. Each candidate's answers are presented unedited and in their entirety.

Today's question is "Why are you seeking election as the Gwinnett County District 3 commissioner?"

Candidate:  Mike Beaudreau
Occupation:  national accounts manager
Campaign website:  www.mikebeaudreau.com
Campaign Facebook page:  Mike Beaudreau

Campaign Twitter account: @MikeBeaudreau

When the new Board of Commissioners is sworn in in January, at least four of the five seats will be held by individuals with a maximum of two years in county government.  I decided to run for a third and final term because I believe the experience I bring to the Board will be useful as we work to rebuild from the damage caused by the recession and from the loss of trust due to the actions of former commissioners. 

Candidate:  Tommy Hunter
Occupation:  civil engineer
Campaign website:  www.ElectTommy.com
Campaign Facebook page:  Elect Tommy Hunter

I believe that government's role is to serve the people. I believe government must be less involved in the lives of people in the course of business.  I feel these views have slowly, over time, eroded in the minds of those seeking public office and I want to re-introduce it to the County Commission. I want to use my experience from working in the county government to help people understand how their government works.   For too long I feel representatives have kept those they represent in the dark when it comes to how and why decisions are made.  My experience has taught me how to involve the people in the decision making process, paving the way to increasing the citizens' trust in their elected representatives.

Candidate:  Mike Korom
Occupation:  independent contractor
Campaign website:  www.mikekorom.com
Campaign Facebook page:  Elect Mike Korom

I decided to run for the District 3 Commission position after getting involved with the airport issue.  Initially, I listened to both sides of the airport debate, to my up my own mind, and realized this would not be a good fit for Gwinnett County and the residents in the surrounding area.   During those discussions, I kept hearing how many citizens felt like they weren’t being properly represented and didn’t care for the path that the Gwinnett Commission was traveling in terms of leading the county. I’m running to help restore the sense that truly, “Gwinnett is Great” as the old water towers on 85 use to say.  I’m running to raise the credibility of the Gwinnett Commission and Gwinnett County in general. 

Candidate:  Jerry Oberholtzer
Occupation:  former mayor of Snellville
Campaign website:  www.JerryOberholtzer.com
Campaign Facebook page:  Jerry Oberholtzer

I have been a resident of Gwinnett for thirty years and I have a lot of pride in my community.  I take a great deal of personal satisfaction in making my community a better place to live. I’ve learned that public service, done with dedication and energy, will make a difference in people’s lives. My priorities and philosophy are straightforward:

  1. No increase in taxes
  2. Limited growth in government
  3. Continued adequate funding for police, fire and parks
  4. Economy and efficiency in government programs

It is not enough to be dedicated and energetic.  Recent scandals involving the county commission demonstrate that a sound moral compass and strong character are equally necessary.  I am proud to say in my twelve years as both city councilman and mayor of Snellville, there were NO ethics complaints, NO grand jury investigations, NO un-bid, sweetheart contracts and NO indictments. I know what the term “honest government” means. I’ve lived it for the past twelve years. 

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