Construction of Crosswalk Back Underway

The crosswalk connecting the parking garage to shops on Crogan Street in Lawrenceville, Ga. was on hold for several weeks.

Store owners along Crogan Street in Downtown Lawrenceville had expected the new crosswalk to have been completed by now.

Originally, the crosswalk in front of the free parking garage was scheduled to be finished in time for holiday shopping. However, the project was stalled for several weeks with leaves covering the holes which had been dug in anticipation of the new traffic signal. Patch reached out to the City of Lawrenceville for more information regarding the delay, however we have not yet received an official response.

In September, the City Council voted to buy a new pole for the crosswalk after learning the pole originally purchased did not match those for another project.

The project appears to be back in motion now. Cement, poles and wires have been placed in the area and a traffic signal looks like it is ready to be installed. 

Here is how the new crosswalk will work. There will be a button pedestrians could press when they were ready to cross. The traffic light at the crossing will turn red, stopping oncoming vehicles and allowing people to safely cross Crogan Street. If there is no one at the crosswalk, the light will stay green and traffic will flow normally.

There is no word as to when the project is expected to be completed.


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