City Council Highlights: July 16, 2012

The final public hearing for the GGC-Downtown Corridor and changes at the Lawrenceville Tourism and Trade Association were the big talkers at Monday evening's City Council Meeting.

Lawrenceville Patch was live blogging from the City Council meeting Monday evening. Below are posts from some of the meetings hot topics.

Farmer's Market Moving



7:08 Lawrenceville Patch: Announcements
Martin- Farmers Market will move to parking lot in front of parking deck to help improve visibility and help downtown businesses.

7:08 Lawrenceville Patch: This move was mentioned in the comments of our article "Is Downtown Becoming a Ghost Town?" 


(Note: In talking with Councilmember PK Martin after the meeting, it was clarified that this change will begin in two Saturdays. Martin said he hopes this will increase traffic to shops and restaurants on the Square.)

GGC-Downtown Corridor Public Hearing


7:25 Lawrenceville Patch: 1. Public Hearing for the GGC-Downtown Corridor Study

Presented by: Judy Jordan Johnson Jim Summerbell - Jacobs

7:25 Lawrenceville Patch: Will go over study goals, methodology and recommendations.

7:26 Lawrenceville Patch: Looking for ways to better link GGC & downtown through roadways, walkways & bikeways.

7:28 Lawrenceville Patch: Concept plan shows future use. Plan to make it more of a college area. How do they draw students & faculty into downtown?

7:29 Lawrenceville Patch: Looking at extending Collins Hill Road linking GGC to downtown.

7:29 Lawrenceville Patch: Short range is Collins Hil Road Ext, Multiuse path, bridge over 316, bike lanes on N. Clayton and wayfinding and signage.


7:30 Lawrenceville Patch: Collins Hill Rd extension image on left. Includes a roundabout.

7:31 Lawrenceville Patch: Implementation steps

7:31 Lawrenceville Patch: 5 key steps

7:31 Lawrenceville Patch: 1. Get organized, recommend parties create Lawrenceville College Corridor Action Committee. Will include GGC, Lawrenceville, businesses etc.

7:32 Lawrenceville Patch: 2. Install key infrastructure

7:32 Lawrenceville Patch: Funding strategy, oversee process.

7:32 Lawrenceville Patch: 3. Redevelop Catalyst Sites.

7:33 Lawrenceville Patch: Picked 5 sites-- hotel, conference facility, etc.

7:33 Lawrenceville Patch: 4. Market the corridor-- create a corridor merchants' association. Create on-campus and downtown events to introduce students to the city, focus on food and entertainment.

7:34 Lawrenceville Patch: Link pathway with commemerative bricks maybe?

7:34 Lawrenceville Patch: 5. Funding & Initiatives

7:35 Lawrenceville Patch: Looking at a potential CID for the area.

7:35 Lawrenceville Patch: Public hearing, asking for questions or comments.

7:36 Lawrenceville Patch: David Mellner speaking

7:36 Lawrenceville Patch: "College is an absolute jewel to the city."

7:37 Lawrenceville Patch: Thinks it's outstanding, thinks the feedback is great. "It's the right step forward, key to investing in the college and the city."

7:38 Lawrenceville Patch: Anne - resident of Northdale. All for developing but would like help from police department.

7:40 Lawrenceville Patch: Charlie Cook asks "Is the passage from the college to downtown Lawrenceville, why do you think the new road will bring people into downtown Lawrenceville any more than they are now?"

"We think the new road will be a better connectivity than Northdale Rd. To make a better passage way from the collage to downtown." responded Mayor.

7:40 Lawrenceville Patch: Cook- You're closing off traffic to Northdale Rd, correct?

7:41 Lawrenceville Patch: To realign Collins Hill Rd, we identified a new corridor to avoid displacing a whole lot of people. It would be a couple of hundred yards east.

7:43 Lawrenceville Patch: We wanted to maintain as much connectivity and maintain residential nature of Northdale.

7:43 Lawrenceville Patch: Brand new interchange with an exit sign that says "Lawrenceville."

7:44 Lawrenceville Patch: Idea is to provide a gateway that's walkable or bikeable to make it easier to get to downtown.

7:45 Lawrenceville Patch: We think long term it will be a more of a benefit as the college grows, add dorms, etc.

7:46 Lawrenceville Patch: Cook - We've got 5 roads already to get people down to Lawrenceville, why are we going to build another road?

7:47 Lawrenceville Patch: "City is talking about building a road, 300 feet from an existing road." - Cook

7:47 Lawrenceville Patch: Also mentioned construction on 316 and what will happen to that.

7:49 Lawrenceville Patch: Powell - "It's a linear park where if you're a college student walking through there you'll feel safe."

7:50 Lawrenceville Patch: Powell - "With this plan we don't have to displace residents. We'll create an urban park."

7:51 Lawrenceville Patch: Powell "We've got an opportunity to change an area" speaking about the contrast between one side of 316 going towards Suwanee and the other side going towards Lawrenceville.

7:52 Lawrenceville Patch: Martin "Instead of it being a place people want to avoid, we want Lawrenceville to be a place where people come."

7:53 Lawrenceville Patch: Martin - current road "is not terribly effective."

7:54 Lawrenceville Patch: "It has a chance of sparking development, favorable development." said Martin.


Lawrenceville Patch: Cook has gone past his allotted 7 minutes to speak but council is letting him continue.


7:55 Lawrenceville Patch: Martin - motions to accept study. Clark seconds.

7:56 Lawrenceville Patch: www.ggc-law-corridorstudy.com for more info.

7:58 Lawrenceville Patch: Passes 4-0


Lawrenceville Tourism and Trade Association Agreement

8:08 Lawrenceville Patch: 1. LTTA Agreement

Presented by: Mayor & Council/LTTA

8:08 Comment From Guest Hopefully to keep the integrity of the District overlay

8:09 Lawrenceville Patch: The city and LTTA will work closely together.

8:10 Lawrenceville Patch: Ms. Healy is representing LTTA

8:11 Lawrenceville Patch: Says will work towards growth and promotion of city.

8:11 Lawrenceville Patch: LTTA is currently transitioning staff

8:12 Lawrenceville Patch: Hiring Executive director, marketing director, events director and one more position

8:12 Comment From Guest Please, what does LTTA stand for?

8:12 Lawrenceville Patch: Lawrenceville Tourism and Trade Association

8:13 Lawrenceville Patch: Event coordinator and marketing coordinator positions have been accepted/

8:13 Lawrenceville Patch: Hope to have 3rd position filled shortly.

8:13 Comment From Guest Thats a lot of positions to fill and where is the salary from that coming

8:14 Lawrenceville Patch: These positions currently exist. They will be replacing the current staff. EditDelete Entry


Lawrenceville Patch: Hope to have two interviews, positions filled by late July and in positions by early August.


Melissa Johnson July 17, 2012 at 01:09 PM
Ms Lee represented the Lawrenceville Tourism and Trade Association. (LTTA)
Vanzetta Evans (Editor) July 17, 2012 at 01:15 PM
That is correct. These notes are in real time and sometimes there maybe misspellings of names and other typos. Thanks for pointing that out Melissa.


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