City Council February 16, 2011 Work Session: Agenda Summary

The City Council heard a website update, hotel residency notices, zoning enforcement staffing requests and A-Frame signage request during its work session.


1. Hope Clinic:  Due to public’s request for input on city’s donations to non-profit organizations, a public hearing to get input from citizens will be held in March. Discussion and decision about donation to Hope Clinic carried over to March regular meeting.

2.  Updated Maps: Carried over to next work session, Thursday, March 3 at 3 p.m.

3.  City website: 2009 city hired Randy Sutt (Rock, Paper, Scissors, LLC) to design new website. Sutt reported he would like to “re-skin” the existing website to give a fresh update. Phase I of the website is complete, and due to budget limitations in Phase I, Phase II will have some carry over items, i.e. links to Twitter.   

Phase II will include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities and enhancements to make site a better business and marketing tool for the city. 

Sutt reported receiving 600 surveys stating what the public would like to see on the city’s website.

The website was outsourced because the city does not have the bandwidth to support.

Sutt wants to create tools that will integrate city’s site with other websites in city departments.

Council directed Sutt to put Phase II proposal together for presentation at March regular meeting.

4. Cornerstone: Special Use Application does not specify if parking spaces, at issue, are city parking spaces or if parking spaces can be used by businesses. Seeking consensus of Council. Council asked Planning and Zoning Department to locate city’s right-of-way line and determine appropriate parking space usage.

4. a.: Planning and Zoning seeks clarification for future lease agreements. Council to use best judgment in determining BG (General Business Zoning). There are some ordinances that allow BG usage and some that do not. Planning and Zoning will put together list of undesirable usages for Council.

5. : Is Special Agreement/Special Use license/permit transferable in cases of change of business ownership. Ordinance allows for alcohol in supplemental zones. Existing building does not go up to build-to-line.

Meeting set to address issues in existing alcohol ordinance regulating supplemental zones. Planning and Zoning asked to revise ordinance to put together better, then bring back to Council. Also Planning and Zoning instructed to work with business owner to avoid business interruption.  Owner could be granted special permit that would allow alcohol in the garden (a supplemental zone).

(Council made amendment to agenda to allow Item 16 to be heard.)

16.  Department Operations Manual: City Council received copies of review. City Attorney made minor modifications that were included. Council was asked to review for adoption at March Regular Meeting. Manual designates all rules and regulations of department. Council instructed department to send manual back to City Attorney for a thorough review in preparation of/for adoption.

6. Report on hotel residency violations: Planning and Zoning has delivered letters to hotels notifying of City’s 45 days maximum stay. Hotels must comply by March 9, 2011.

7. Water System Improvement: Council received an update on the city’s construction of a new water plant and seven wells. City Attorney is working on easement negotiations. Water Department asked if Council had time frame for when water system additions should be brought online. Council cannot make time frame determination until county contract fee is determined.  Council requested a comprehensive water plan to include county contract.  Mayor stated monthly meeting will continue to be the place for updates and information sharing.

8. Gas Personnel Issues: Postponed, until after trip to Austell.  

9. jB+a Planning + Landscape Architecture Presentation: Lawrenceville Town Center Development is 31 acres of city and private owned land. The proposed development will include public space, water display and destination features.  The goal is to display and move stormwater creatively through the space. Will use multi-phase development approach. Phase I green space development, i.e. like Suwanee, to function as catalyst, but uniquely Lawrenceville. Proposed skywalk/bridge to have high impact.

10. Park Presentation: Council requested next step instructions be presented at March regular meeting.

11. Zoning Enforcement: Council received a zoning enforcement report that compiled zoning complaints from June 2009; 24 items stated Planning and Zoning.

Planning and Zoning initially thought zoning enforcement position should be part-time, but now believes with new hotel stay requirements and with number of residents in house regulation, could require more time to enforce. 

Due to the sensitive nature of enforcement, this person should have a private office that can be constructed for an estimated $500. This office would be located in the Police Department to ensure continued police assistance with zoning violations.

Council determined that hiring a full-time Zoning Enforcement Director first, would be the best approach. Then let Director determine staffing needs. Planning and Zoning Director will create job description for Zoning Enforcement Director, then bring before Council at March Regular Meeting for consent and to recruit. Suggested funding for position, instead of coming out of General Fund, possibly coming from newly awarded (2 million) police seized funds.

12.  A-Frame Sign Requirement Waiver: The mayor stated a business owner has requested the right to use an A-Frame sign until city provided new signs are available (in 120 days). A-Frame signage usage is violation of city code. The mayor said the city will meet with affected business owners to determine the best solution.

13. Council Interest in tour of Vogtle Nuclear Plant on June 16, 2011: Number of Council members that can attend are to be determined.

 14. Attachment A-Items 1-22: Carry over to next work session

15. College Corridor RFP: Suggested that transportation and land use be separated. Planning and Zoning will create and submit list of questions to Council to aide in RFP creation.

Before Council moved into executive session, it was urged to hear and decide Item 22.

22. Elimination of Multi-Year Water Debt to General Fund: Council consented to elimination upon recommendation from staff and with the acknowledgement of audit.

The council will continue its work session agenda on Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 3 p.m.

The Council moved into executive session.    


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