Watch Out! Dash Cam Shows Jaywalker Dart in Front of Cop Car

The woman was not seriously injured in the incident.

Snellville PD dash cam. Facebook
Snellville PD dash cam. Facebook

Snellville Police Department released a video from a dashboard cam showing a patrol car nearly causing serious injury to a woman who jaywalked across an intersection U.S. 78.

Beginning with the line, “And some people wonder why we do law enforcement on people jaywalking!!” the department posted on Facebook a 16-second video showing the woman darting in between cars stopped at the traffic light and right in front of the patrol car.

She's seen emerging from between two cars as the patrol car turned left, narrowly missing a direct impact. A drink is seen spilled across the hood.

The woman was not seriously hurt.

The further stated, “Use this as an opportunity to show your kids that cutting between cars can result in terrible consequences.”


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