Trial in Quadruple Homicide Underway

Richard Ringold is accused of killing his girlfriend and three others at a Lawrenceville home in 2009. This is Gwinnett County's first death penalty case since 2005.

Opening arguments in the trial of a man accused of killing his girlfriend and three others in Lawrenceville in 2009 were expected to begin Friday, according to WSB Radio.

Richard Ringold is suspected of shooting and killing his girlfriend, Atiana Butler, her 11 year old daughter and two others at Butler's home in Lawrenceville. Butler's then 4 year old daughter survived the shooting and is expected to testify. Another woman who managed to escape the house is also scheduled to take the stand.

WSB Radio reports Ringold pleaded not guilty and said he was playing video games with friends at the time of the murders.


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