Police: Lawrenceville Man Pocketed Cash Payments at IHOP

Jerrett Leon Brown is accused of covering up the scheme by paying for the bills with stolen credit and debit cards.

When customers at the Smyrna IHOP paid their bills with cash, one server allegedly pocketed the money.

According to a Cobb County criminal warrant, Jerrett Leon Brown of Lawrenceville told Smyrna Police Department investigators that he found credit and debit cards in Norcross, but never reported them lost or stolen.

Unbeknownst to the true cardholders, Brown allegedly used the pieces of plastic to pay for other customers' bills so he could keep their cash payments.

"In addition, the accused was adding customers' purchases to loyalty cards which can be used for later purchases," the officer wrote in the warrant. "The accused was in possession of several loyalty card(s)."


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