LPD Looking for Possible Credit Card Scam Victims

Police are asking people who may have dined at a Lawrenceville, Ga. restaurant to double check their debit and credit card statements after a waitress was arrested for skimming cards.


If you've dined at and paid with a debit or credit card, are asking you to double check your statements.

Over the weekend, , a waitress at the restaurant. According to a police report, Tanis used a portable electronic skimmer to capture information from customers credit cards. She was charged with Financial Credit Card Theft and Criminal Possession of Financial Transaction Card Forgery Device.

Tanis has only been charged with one count so far, but Lawrenceville police are looking into whether this was an isolated incident. Investigators are following leads that may show it was in fact a more extensive network of people involved in the card skimming scheme.

LPD is asking anyone who has dined at the Grayson Hwy restaurant to look over their bank and credit card statements for any unusual or fraudulent charges. If you should find something amiss, please contact Lawrenceville Police Detectives at (770) 963-2443.

Ellen Iannarelli June 25, 2012 at 09:05 PM
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Remedy smith August 27, 2012 at 09:04 PM
I'm in the service industry. People who do this make it hard for those who are honest. I'm sure this is not a reflection on the staff that is there now.


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