Lawrenceville Man Tasered, Arrested In Connection to Shoplifting at Fry's

Tyrall Mikal Jackson, 19, was charged with theft by shoplifting, possession of tools for commission of crime, obstruction of law officer, and giving false name and date of birth.

A Berkmar High student living in Lawrenceville was tasered and arrested in connection to shoplifting at Fry's Electronics in Duluth earlier this month. 

Tyrall Mikal Jackson, 19, was charged with theft by shoplifting, possession of tools for commission of crime, obstruction of law officer, and giving a false name and date of birth.

According to the Gwinnett County Police report, officers responded to the Commerce Avenue store around 4:45 p.m. Feb. 16  after the theft was reported. The suspect had fled on foot toward Venture Parkway, dispatch said.

Another officer in the area made contact with a man matching his description, and he kept him detained until other officers arrived, but it didn't come so easily.

The officer told the man, Jackson, to sit on the ground with his ankles crossed, but he refused to cross his ankles. The man instead jumped up, aggressively pushed the officer on his chest and shoulder, and attempted to flee on foot once again.

The officer struck him in the back with his taser and then was able to handcuff and detain him. Jackson was transported back to Fry's where he was positively identified as the suspect.

Police observed surveillance footage that showed Jackson talking to a store employee in the media player section. Jackson is seen picking up an electronics item and walking down the aisle, but then he comes back and walks away again.

On his second or third pass, Jackson reaches into his pocket and pulls out a lighter. He tries to burn the plastic wrapping off the electronic item, but is unsuccessful. The video finally shows him concealing the item underneath his shirt and walking out of the store.

The electronics item he allegedly took was a Trio Android media player worth $69.99.

Jackson admitted to police that he stole the item and attempted to use the lighter to open the package. He led officers to the Windgate Hotel parking lot nearby where he allegedly dumped the item, but they were unable to find it.

The media player wasn't the only stolen item he was charged with that night, though. During a pat-down for weapons, police noticed a bulge in the front of his pants. Jackson told police nothing was there, but officers found three pairs of socks stuffed inside. He said the socks were indeed stolen from a store inside Gwinnett Place Mall, but he wasn't the one who took them. His friend had stolen the socks and told him to hide it, he said.

Here's one other thing to add to his charges: He initially told police that his name was Brandon Gadsby, but after officers searched his wallet, an ID with the name Tyrall Jackson was found. He told officers that the ID belonged to his brother, but officers didn't believe him. He was asked again about his name and he admitted that that Gadsby was not his real name.

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