Lawrenceville Man Arrested in Connection to Armed Robbery, Hit and Run

Brandon Chance Ennis was arrested on five charges for two separate incidents.

A Lawrenceville man was arrested Thursday in connection to two separate incidents of an armed robbery and a hit and run.

Brandon Chance Ennis, 18, of Lawrenceville, has been charged with violation of probation, driving while license suspended or revoked, and following too closely, in addition to the robbery and hit and run charges.

On Jan. 27, two cousins from Lawrenceville told Gwinnett Police how they had been robbed while at a party at Highland Walk Apartment complex in the Norcross area.

While walking to the party, they were confronted by an unknown man, who was later identified as Ennis. He asked who they were and what they were doing there. One of the victims told police that he asked the same question back, and Ennis pulled out a silver handgun.

Pointing it to the victim's head, the suspect told him to give him his "stuff", so he gave him his wallet and cell phone. Ennis then told the victim to leave, so he ran into the nearby woods.

In the process, the victim dislocated his shoulder, received lacerations on his feet and lost his glasses.

He attempted to go back to his cousin's car when he was approached by a second man. This man pointed a gun at him and asked him where his cousin was. After he said he didn't know, the suspect walked away.

The victim continued to hide near the apartments until he was picked up by his cousin and transported to the hospital. As soon as the cousin saw the gun from the first suspect, he ran away and hid in some nearby bushes for half an hour.

A friend at the party later told the cousin that the only person who was armed at the party was Ennis. The cousin found the suspect on Instagram, which helped police identify him.

In early December, Ennis was also involved in a hit and run off on Montfort Way and Sugarloaf Parkway in Lawrenceville. Three warrants were made for his arrest then, but he wasn't apprehended until Jan. 31. 


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