Judge to Sentenced Child Molester: 'There is Something Terribly Wrong With You'

Adrian DeShawn Burney of Lawrenceville was sentenced to 40 years.

Adrian DeShawn Burney. Credit: Cobb District Attorney's Office
Adrian DeShawn Burney. Credit: Cobb District Attorney's Office

A Lawrenceville man was sentenced to 40 years for molesting a young girl, the Cobb County District Attorney’s office announced Friday.

Cobb DA Vic Reynolds said in a press release Friday, March 28, that Adrian DeShawn Burney, 38, was sentenced by Judge Henry Thompson to 40 years, with 20 years to serve in custody.

Burney was convicted on March 7 on two counts of child molestation. He had lived with the victim at the time of the acts, which began when the girl was 8 and continued until she was 12. The victim revealed the abuse while watching an episode of “Oprah” on child molestation in 2005, when she was 15, according to the press release.

In the interim, Burney also pleaded guilty to raping two underage girls in Alabama, and was serving time in that state when he was extradited to Cobb County to face charges there.

According to the DA’s office, Judge Thompson told Burney:

“Nobody can undo the damage you have done to your victim. I’m not trying to be insulting, but there is something terribly wrong with you. A normal person has compassion for children and a protective instinct, but you have nothing. It’s almost like you have a hole in your soul where a normal person keeps that protective instinct for children. I don’t know if there’s any cure for it, but at this point you are no longer the main concern. The main concern is the protection of society from you.”

Octo Slash March 29, 2014 at 09:49 AM
Don't know about a 'cure', but cutting off the guy's nuts would be a step in the right direction.
OnceWasAnnie March 29, 2014 at 01:06 PM
Octo: I agree but serial rapists can rape with anything...broom handles, hairbrushes, etc. I think we should take all these scum out and hang them by their nuts until they die.


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