Driver Allegedly Commits Hit and Run to Avoid Being Late

The Lawrenceville, Ga. woman reportedly told police she kept driving after hitting another car because she did not want to be late for work.

The reason a Lawrenceville woman gave police for why she left the scene of an accident was not enough to keep them from arresting her.

A Loganville man was driving on Lenora Church Road at Temple Johnson Road in Snellville Thursday afternoon when he was reportedly side-swipped by 's black Mazda MZ6. But instead of stopping and exchanging insurance information, Jacob allegedly kept on driving.

Snellville Police were called in to help track down Jacob. An SPD officer finally spotted Jacob and pulled her over at the intersection of Scenic Highway and Ronald Reagan Parkway in Snellville.

The Gwinnett officer asked Jacob about the accident. She told him she was sitting at the light in the left turn lane and realized she needed to go straight instead of turning. Jacob said she switched lanes as soon as the light turned green.

The officer asked if Jacob knew she hit another car. Jacob said yes, and told him she did not stop because she was running late for work.

Based on her statements and damage to her car, the officer arrested Jacob and charged her with hit and run, improper lane change and no proof of insurance.


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