Armed Robber Cuts Hand with Own Knife While Demanding Money at Local Walgreens

Police are still looking for a suspect in the armed robbery at a Lawrenceville, Ga., Walgreens.

A was robbed at gunpoint on June 19 by a man described by employees as a white male with carrot hair wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans, a black hat and black bandana.

The suspect, who was still at large Friday afternoon, was reportedly armed with a small black handgun and a pocket knife and his hand was “covered with blood.”

Gwinnett County Police responded to the call at the Walgreens, 2500 Old Norcross Road in Lawrenceville, where they were unable to locate the suspect in the area behind the building.

The store manager told police she was in the back office of the building when someone knocked on the office door. Upon opening the door, a white male appeared pointing a gun with one hand and a knife in the other hand (the knife hand was reported as being covered in blood). The manager stated the suspect demanded all the money in the store safe.

Several other Walgreens employees were involved in the incident. A male employee reported seeing the suspect enter the store and walk to the photo register area.

A female employee stated that the suspect walked behind the photo counter and pointed the gun, demanding money and a cell phone. The female employee told the suspect there was no money in that particular register and that she did not have a cell phone.

The suspect then pulled a knife from his pocket at which time he apparently cut his hand. The suspect demanded the female employee take him to the store safe.

Upon walking to the back office of the store, the male employee observed the suspect with a gun and knife. The suspect pointed the gun and knife at the employee and demanded he sit down and give him a cell phone. The store manager and female employee then filled the suspect’s bag with money from the safe, and the suspect ordered the manager to walk him to the front of the store and let him out.

An additional female employee reported she was told by the suspect to sit on the floor and not move. The suspect was described by employees as soft spoken and nervous. No employees were injured in the incident, and the suspect fled the scene. The case is currently under investigation.


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