4 Men Robbed at Gunpoint Behind First Baptist Church

The three juveniles and one adult male who allegedly robbed the victims said they were intentionally walking in the middle of a Lawrenceville street to attract their victims.

Four men were skateboarding in a parking lot behind the at 165 S. Clayton St. just after midnight Sunday when they say they were robbed at gunpoint.

The victims told police they had seen their alleged attackers-- three juveniles and 18 year old -- just a few blocks away.

The four victims told Lawrenceville Police they were driving on S. Clayton Street near Nash Street where they saw Lyons and the teens walking on and off the sidewalk. The driver honked the horn to alert them that a car was coming. 

After parking at on S. Clayton, the group of victims skateboarded to a parking lot behind the First Baptist Church. Lyons and the three juveniles followed the men. They sat down and watched the skaters before one of the teens allegedly tried to start a fight with them. He reportedly told the skaters he was fighting them because he did not like being honked at.

The juvenile then told the victim to "give it up," referring to his personal belongings. When he refused, the juvenile allegedly lifted up his shirt and displayed the handle of a gun. The victim still would not and the teen took out the weapon and threatened to pistol whip him.

That's when another victim went and got his wallet and iPhone and gave it to the alleged robber, hoping it would end the attack. However, when the second victim tried to convince the attacker to stop, he reportedly punched that victim and put the gun to his chest. The second victim then pulled out his wallet and gave him four dollars. The attacker then grabbed the victim's flip phone and smashed it on the ground. A second juvenile threatened to beat up the other two victims if they tried to pull anything.

During this time, the fourth victim was somehow able to get away and called police.

When officers arrived, they arrested Lyons and the three teens. All four victims told the officers Lyons seemed to be acting as a lookout and was not as involved in the attack.

During police interviews with the alleged robbers, one of the juveniles admitted their plan was to initially rob a house. Another teen told investigators they intentionally were walking in the street and that "whoever honked at us was going to get it."

Lyons told officers the gun used by one of the juveniles was actually a BB gun that belonged to him. He claimed the orange tip had fallen off.

Lyons was charged with armed robbery and booked in to the . The three juveniles were taken to the Regional Youth Detention Center.


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