To Submit or Not to Submit

Are you a submissive wife?

Are you a submissive wife?

The recent question posed to Michelle Bachman at the latest is a question that many wives are asked.

The word submission has negative connotation for many women, especially in America. In the early years of my marriage, if someone ever asked me about submission I would always feel the need to present myself as not being a weak woman. Because in my mind to submit was a sign of weakness.

I mean, what kind of impression was I giving my clients and other women by submitting to my husband. That's what I thought about when it came to submitting, but as I became more mature in my marriage I realized submitting to a good man is a good thing. The impression I was giving was one of wisdom, insight and maturity.

I believe as long as your husband is treating you like the queen you are there should be no problem submitting. It's not something that you are forced, rather submitting is something that a wife chooses to do.

Submission is not brought on by threats, fear or intimidation. It is brought on by choice and love. It's the act of allowing your husband to be the primary leader of the . Not to say that a wife is not a leader as well, but every great team has a captain and a co-captain without that dynamic a team is least likely to succeed. Just like a successful business, there is a president and a vice president. The same thing goes for a husband and a wife. Someone should be the primary decision maker.

As a wife there are many times I truly know my idea is better, however because I honor my husband, I don't have a tantrum if he says no to my idea. Although I know I can get what I want simply through the power of influence, I choose to submit to my husband by supporting his decisions for our family even if they trump mine. Like I said, it's easier for a wife to submit to a husband who treats his wife like a queen and honors her opinion. There are many other things that can be said about submission, but I think I've said enough.

Cathie Fennell August 15, 2011 at 07:29 PM
You are right. It is an honorable thing for a wife to support her husband with sumission. That is not a weakness, but it shows wisdom. Wives are partners or "complements" to their husbands. Their role is to be as supportive as a business partner. But only one could lead. I have to add though,... it is easier to be submissive to a good man who excersises his role in a fair and righteous way than a selfish, egotistical man. I liked your article.
Katha Blackwell August 16, 2011 at 12:07 AM
Thanks Cathie! I have no problem submitting to my husband, especially when he is good to me.


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