Three Weeks 'til Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner is three weeks away, do you know where you are eating, what the menu is, who's invited?

Thanksgiving is literally three weeks away! Do you know where you will be eating? Fpr some families, Thanksgiving is a last minute planning notice whereas for others it takes months of planning.

Two years ago my family was so disconnected that our last minute Thanksgiving dinner became a Thanksgiving brunch with bagels, grits, eggs, and some pastries. To say the least it was good to see everyone, but it would have been even better to see some turkey drumsticks, dressing, broccoli rice and cheese and cornbread. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. On top of the last minute Thanksgiving, we may have forgotten to invite a few family members which was sure to add tension for the next family dinner. Gratefully, we made it through with our Thanksgiving brunch and were determined to make the following year much better. With proper planning, Thanksgiving dinner can be great!

It takes a lot to make a successful Thanksgiving family dinner, but the more planning you do the more fun you and your family will have. Take these encouraging tips to heart:

#1 Whose House: Where you have Thanksgiving is key to having a comfortable inviting dinner. Thanksgiving should always be at the home of a hospitable host. If your third cousin has the biggest house in the family, but doesn't want to host even though the family has offered to do everything, then choose another house. People can tell when they are not wanted, so if the host is already aggravated and Thanksgiving isn't even here yet, find another house. A hospitable host will be happy and excited about having the whole family at her house for Thanksgiving. As people enter her home, they will feel the love regardless of the size.

#2 Make a Menu: Although Thanksgiving dinner is pretty basic, someone should write out a menu and allow people to pick items to bring from that menu. Without a menu Thanksgiving can turn into a boatload of items that all sound good individually, but are lacking collectively. A basic menu will help keep Thanksgiving dinner organized and delicious

#3 Set a Time and Keep It: Biggest downfall of most Thanksgiving dinners is setting a time to eat and breaking it. Don't keep hungry family members hungry. Like most Thanksgiving guests, we cater our eating habits according to the time dinner will start. For example, because I know there will be a plethora of soul food, , cookies, etc. I make it my business to have a very, very light lunch so that I may have enough room to taste all of the delectable seasonal dishes. So by all means if you say dinner is going to start at 3pm, then make sure it starts at 3pm. If people normally show up late, then this will set a precedent for people to be on time next year. 

#4 Increase Communication: Facebook is a great way to communicate with family members about the time, date and location of the event, It's also a good way to know what everyone is bringing. This will help build excitement for the event and get family talking to each other and maybe even connecting with long lost family.

Thanksgiving can be an awesome family fun good time as long as someone takes the time to plan. Make this Thanksgiving special for everyone! 


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