The Goat is in Control

No worries when Patch is at the helm. Upload your photos now for a chance to win this week's community photo contest.

Thanks for uploading your pictures Janet and did I mention I love that the goat's name is Patch!  Thanks for sharing!

Have you taken any interesting photos or videos lately?  Upload them now and one of them might be chosen as our next featured photo!

Each week we're giving away a Patch gear prize pack to one winner selected at random from the readers whose photos are featured Monday through Saturday. The winner will be announced Sunday. Photos uploaded to the Featured Photos articles or to one of our neighborhood galleries qualify.

carolyn cowan August 30, 2012 at 06:36 PM
why aren't we spraying winder to rid the mosquitos in this area. Winder used to spray when we first moved here. We need to go back and do this again. Use the drug money that is collected by the police .


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