Surviving Thanksgiving

Avoid family drama this Thanksgiving by following a few tips.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be one of the best times for families to get together.

However, there are some who dread . Not because their favorite dish won't be served, but because of family drama that comes every holiday season.

There's the jealous cousin, the intrusive auntie, the annoying in-laws and those competitive sisters. These members can bring a positive family gathering to its lowest point. Family members see them coming and immediately have the urge to go help in the kitchen. It's not that these dramatic family members aim to be the grinch of Thanksgiving. They just don't know when to close their mouths and are uncomfortable in a peaceful environment.

We all have at least one side of our family that entails drama. But since we have to get together this holiday season and you don't want to miss out on seeing your favorite cousin, here are a few tips.

Avoid the Past: If you find family members bringing up the past, such as who owes who $10 from 5 years ago, don't engage in the conversation. Rather change the topic or make light of the situation. Arguments can easily be put to rest when the subject is changed.

Don't Gossip: Ever get that feeling that someone is talking about you? Well, they probably were, but that's not your cue to start talking about them. Sure, there is plenty to say about your aunt who has brought another new boyfriend to dinner, but what good will that do? There are plenty of reality show stars and politics to discuss that are way juicier than what your niece is wearing or who's house is in foreclosure. Thanksgiving is a joyous occasion and conversations should reflect that.

Taste Everything: Even though you have no idea why your non-cooking cousin chose to make a this year, go ahead and taste it. Make your own plate - that way, people won't be able to serve you large portions of sides you don't like. And if grandma asks you why you didn't eat any of her chitterlings, just say there wasn't enough room on your plate.

Look on the Bright Side: Instead of focusing on all the bad, take a moment and think about the good.

Before you even get to the hosting house get into a good mood. Turn on some good music while driving over there and bring a positive attitude. Don't entertain negative thoughts that can bring your attitude down. Think about those fond memories you all have together and talk about those moments.

Regardless as to whether your family is filled with peace or infused with drama, enjoy Thanksgiving with a thankful heart. There are many people who may not have a family, so ignore the drama and be thankful for the family you have.  


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