Parent’s Way In-- The Parent Portal

Now you can stay well informed about your children's grades and what's going on in school without even having to leave the house.

Over the last couple of years, Gwinnett County Public Schools has implemented an incredible support system for students, parents and teachers. The is an access route for parents to view their child’s grades via the internet. By using this system, parents can keep abreast of their child’s school achievement including academics and behavior all online.

In the past, it may have been difficult for parents to know the progress of their child on a daily to weekly basis. But, now every day access is available through the GCPS Parent Portal system, which can only be viewed by a parent or guardian of a student. This technique can be highly effective in avoiding “last minute” awareness of students’ grades, and therefore, can help prevent students’ failure of classes. Other information is also available on the go2 Parent Portal: Attendance, standardized-test results administered by GCPS, and student class schedule/courses. 

To register, a parent or guardian needs internet access and a short visit to the child’s school for identity verification, to complete one short, simple form, and to be issued a user ID and password. For parents who are skeptical about registering due to non-access to the internet, remember have internet access and one trip a week to check on the progress of a child could work wonders for that child and their academic success.

For parents who have year after year felt shut out until the announcement of final grades, due to progress reports not making it home or any other unforeseen circumstances, the parent portal is definitely a way in. It’s an innovative approach designed to help support your child’s academic success, so parents don’t feel shut out, especially when you no longer have a reason to.

For more information on GCPS go2 Parent Portal click here.


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