Parents Talk: Violent Teens

What should a parent do when their teen becomes violent?

The recent killing of parents, Blake and Mary Jo Hadley, is eye-opening and apalling. Police have taken Tyler Hadley, their 17-year-old into custody and he is expected to face two counts of 2nd degree murder. I haven't met any parents who would ever think that their very own child would do them any harm, but sadly things like this do happen. 

This week on Parent's Talk we'll be talking about violent teens. Not violent unto death as in the Hadley story, but violent nontheless. What is a parent to do when their child is violent towards them? For most parents, I would assume the only hostility that comes from their teen is in their attitude. But for others, their teens really are violent in the sense of throwing things, yelling and hitting. Like any rational person retaliation is automatic, but for some parents hitting their child back or defending themselves in any way can be difficult. After all this is your pride and joy... at least they use to be.

For some parents, the answer is a no brainer. Any would have to immediately leave the home, never to return. But then there are those parents who would rather endure the violence and disrespect while trying to find a solution to the problem. Either way, the decision is still a difficult one. So what would you do if your child became violent?

Katha Blackwell July 20, 2011 at 04:05 PM
What would you do if your child became violent towards you?


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