Parents Talk: School Day Jitters

Are you nervous about your child's first day of school?

Like many children, the can be a scary thing. But this fear doesn't necessarily stop at children. Parents also have their fair share of fear. With every huge milestone, the next one can rattle the nerves of even the most confident parent. But you are not alone. First day jitters are expected from any parent.

Regardless as to whether you are a veteran at sending your children off to school or not, there is still a slight hesistation as to how this new year will go. Questions such as did I enough? Did I teach them about good touch bad touch? Will he speak up in class? and much more enters into the mind of a parent.

My son wil be attending school for the first time as well and I just started feeling at ease about the whole thing. I've leaped over the whole homeschooling debate and simply decided to be an active parent throughout his entire school year. Although I know he is ready, I think it does my heart good to know that I can pop up at his school whenever I choose and that the teachers are available to answer my questions.

If you are a parent and have those first day jitters, I encourage you to keep the lines of communication open between you and your child's . You are in no way overprotective or intrusive when it comes to speaking with his teachers and coaches. It's expected for you to want to know what is going on with your child, so by all means attend those PTA meetings, sign up for special events and email their teachers as needed. Don't shy away from participating in the education of your child. This will greatly help you in overcoming those first day jitters and set a positive precedent for years to come.

Katha Blackwell July 27, 2011 at 04:35 PM
Are you or your children nervous about the first day of school?


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