Headline of the Year Voting Is Now Open

Which of these headlines was your favorite?

The following is a collection of our 25 most "clickable" headlines of 2012. Vote for your favorite by leaving a comment below. The five headlines with the most votes will be in the running for "Headline of the Year." Our 2012 nominees (in chronological order) are:

  1. Bull-Wrestler Arrested After Refusing to Leave Party
  2. Man Accuses Cop of Mistaking Private Parts for Pot
  3. ‘Making Out’ Blamed for Erratic Driving
  4. Craigslist Transaction Leads to Simulated ‘Gunfire’
  5. Pet Lizard Purloined During Basement Burglary
  6. Man: ‘King Kong Ain’t Got S**t on Me!’
  7. Caller Offers Not to Blow up Bomb for $100
  8. Woman to Officer: ‘Those Aren’t My Pants’
  9. Arrestee to Officer: ‘You Have a Lot of [Expletive Deleted] Nerve’
  10. Vehicle Reported Stolen Was Actually Hidden by Weeds in Yard
  11. Women Steal ‘Pretty’ Bills From Walmart Cash Register
  12. Tomahawk Wielding Burglars Attack Convenience Store
  13. Arrestee Says He May Go Back to Dealing Drugs
  14. Property Line Marker Dispute Leads to ‘Boob to Boob’ Confrontation
  15. Pantless Woman Found Standing Alongside I-85
  16. Arrestee: ‘How the Hell Did I Get in a Police Car?’
  17. Man Tells Cop He Was Going to Sell Crack Cocaine to Raise Some Cash

Which one of these headlines is your favorite? List your favorite or favorites in the comments below. 

Mitch December 14, 2012 at 04:45 PM
What an impressive list! I feel so honored to live around such creative minds. You simply could not make this stuff up. As for a favorite, so many to choose from…but here goes…my Top 5**: **Disclaimer: Comments may seem insensitive and cruel to some. If you do not like humor at the expense of others, do not read any further or click on the links. If you are a friend or family member of one involved please help them. I do not encourage or advocate such activity, I just choose to laugh at it when I see it. 5.) Dacula Brothers Brawl – There is nothing like a good ole family melee, but what propelled this into the top five was the mentioning of the 9 o’clock shot. Everything was just fine until then! 4.) Boob to Boob – My imagination ran amok on this one, straight to the gutter. 3.) Van Hidden in the Weeds – Okay, I have misplaced a few items in my day; keys, phone, wallet…but a vehicle? And last time I checked it takes a while for weeds to grow as tall as a van, unless these were magic weeds. 2.) Drunken Woman Exposing and Licking – Need I say more? 1.) King Kong Man – It all goes back to this one. Such a winning performance. Street push-ups, police car headbutting, and King Kong! I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!


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