Christmas Traditions

Start a new Christmas tradition this year that will last for generations.

Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year. People are nicer. There is a greater level of to those less fortunate. And the Georgia weather is a lot more tolerable. Christmas time is not only a time to give great gifts or eat great food, but it's also a great time to start family traditions.

As a child, my family had the same tradition each year. On Christmas night we would drive around and look at all the . At that time almost everyone in the neighborhood had some sort of Christmas decoration on their house. To this day my family still enjoys driving around to look at the lights. Although this is a minimal tradition, it is still a tradition that we look forward to each year. While driving around we talk about various things that took place during the year. And simply enjoy each other's company. Now that I have my own family, my husband and I have also taken on the idea of looking at the lights, but instead of driving around the neighborhood we are going to Lake Lanier.

If your family has yet to start a family tradition of their own, here are a few suggestions that can easily become a tradition for generations:

1. Happy B-Day Jesus: One of my cousins has the same tradition each year with her children. They go out and purchase a great that says Happy Birthday Jesus and they literally celebrate the birth of Christ on Christmas day. Her children get to pick out the cake and they take the time to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

2. Build a Gingerbread House: Go get a gingerbread house kit and build it with the kids. Make the house bigger and bigger every year. This is sure to bring some excitement to young children.

3. Community Service: Volunteer on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day with the or another nonprofit organization or cook a meal for familiese staying at the Ronald McDonald house. There are plenty of people who need help. Take the time to reach out. Make sure the organization allows children to assist in helping.

4. Watch a Christmas Special: If watching A Christmas Story is something you enjoy, attempt to turn this into a tradition for your family. Make eggnog and set the living room up into a cozy movie night by the tree.

5. Christmas Snacks for the Neighbors: Bake some cookies for your neighbors and put them in decorative bags. Sometimes we can go a whole year without even speaking to our neighbors. Make it a tradition to reach out to those in your neighborhood. Some cookies can easily open up the door for conversation.   

6. Visit Lake Lanier of Lights: Take the family up to see the lights up at . Maybe you all could make it a getaway every year. It's worth the trip!

7. Gift Giving: After all the presents have been unwrapped. Have everyone pick one gift to give away to another family.

These are just a few examples of what you can do to build a tradition in your family. Enjoy those around you and have a Merry Christmas!


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