After Friday's Tragic Shooting, Gun Control is Back up for Debate. What's Your Opinion?

Friday's shooting massacre at a Connecticut elementary school has ignited the gun control debate.

Friday's shooting tragedy at a Connecticut school has again brought the topic of gun control to the forefront.

Twenty elementary school children were among the 27 people killed when a gunman opened fire inside a kindergarten class at Sandy Hook Elementary. Adam Lanza, who killed his mother first, was identified as the shooter. He killed himself as a finale to the massacre.

Immediately the debate turned to gun control with advocates saying stricter gun controls are obviously needed. This is the fifth time this president has had to visit the families of mass shooting victims. White House press secretary Jay Carney, however, said Friday "was not the day" to discuss gun control. But the president made it clear that this does bring the topic back up. He was criticized during the elections by gun control advocates for allowing politics to temper his voice on this issue. Gun owners and strong Second Amendment supporters expect that to change now that there is no longer an election on the line.

Assemb. Michelle Schimel, D-Great Neck, a strong advocate for stricter gun control legislation said elected officials must put public safety before the interests of the strongest gun lobbyists.

Those who support gun ownership, however, say disarming those who legally seek gun ownership only leaves the criminals armed since they don't follow the law anyway. They suggest it is a cry for more gun ownership, not less, just stricter enforcement against those who possess guns illegally.

What was your gut reaction to the tragedy? Stricter gun control or time to go out and buy a gun of your own?

Good Grief Y'all December 18, 2012 at 12:21 PM
R, I have no experience with calling 911, but I very much doubt that's the every-time answer. Besides, my point made somewhere in all this, is that there should be more law officers stationed in these high risk places, some uniformed, some undercover. Hopefully, there already are more undercover, trained officers positioned all around than we know about . . . undercover.
Dave M December 18, 2012 at 12:26 PM
Good Grief Y'all... you really are something. People can read your posts and decide. Go harass someone else. I'm no longer will engage you... you can have the last word?
Good Grief Y'all December 18, 2012 at 12:36 PM
Kristi, I respectfully disagree. Some guns are the issue. When it's harder, more time consuming, with enforcement of controls on gun purchases, training, education, safety and responsibility concerns, at least the numbers may come down. Every life is worth that effort. Comparing Oklahoma City and other political and terrorist attacks to shooting massacres perpetrated by mentally ill, socially dysfunctional attackers points out that steps have been taken to lessen the incidence and impact of the former. Now we have metal detectors and scanners at all courthouses, barricades at the entrances to the most likely public building targets, Homeland Security Department, TSA screening all airline passengers, officers on flights, etc. It's the now, no longer new, reality. We need a new reality for the gun violence issue.
Good Grief Y'all December 18, 2012 at 01:26 PM
Dave, I have made suggestions and put forth ideas. But you keep insisting that I want to ban all guns. It's not true, but you can't seem to get past that idea in YOUR head. Comparing transportation to weapons intended to kill is wrong minded. We do have laws pertaining to motor vehicles and the drivers. Highway deaths have gone down as a result. No one claims those laws and regulations can or will eliminate roadway accident-related deaths. When the motor vehicle was invented there were no highways, no stop lights, no road signs, or any laws. As they became more prevalent in the American landscape, that all changed, and laws regulating vehicles have been enacted to meet the challenges. That auto comparison is a weak argument. I don't have a plan that can fix it. I am not a lawmaker or a lobbyist. I do have a right to express my opinions, though, same as you. If there's a national conversation, which it seems some folks are afraid of, just possibly something positive will come out. I guess my plan is not to shut down the ideas or demean the thoughts of others.
stacy lovvorn December 18, 2012 at 08:41 PM
A illegal hispanic male killed his 2 brothers and shot a police officer this past weekend....he got the weapon like all thugs do of the street. Guess we need to ban hispanics too huh


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