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2012 Resolutions for Kids

Like parents, children also need help developing a resolution for the year.

Many parents start off having high hopes for the new year. Some say they will exercise, some say they'll go back to school, others promise to quit smoking. Whatever your is take some time and do one more thing... help your child with their own resolution.

Children, like adults, have many things to accomplish for the year. And with the help of an adult they can easily accomplish those goals. Here are a few things that children can add to their personal resolution for 2012:

Be On Time: Like adults, children enjoy arriving to , practice, birthday parties and sporting events on time. But without the help of an adult this can sometimes be hard to accomplish. If you haven't done so already, put an alarm clock in your child's room. No longer be the walking alarm clock for your child to get up in the morning. Also, invest in a watch for them. This too can help them stay aware of the time, which can help them become more responsible with being on time.

Exercise Regularly: The state of Georgia is still rated second for . Implementing an exercise regiment every day for 1 hour can help maintain a healthy lifestyle for your child. This can be done in 30 minute increments, such as 30 minutes after school and 30 minutes after dinner. Going out with them can also help you keep your healthy lifestyle resolution as well.

Making the Honor Roll: Regardless as to how last semester went, this is a new semester that can end in great results. Develop a study time with your child. That means some of your time will have to be taken in order to look over what they are studying. Be available to help them and if you don't know the answers then find someone who does. Or send a weekly email to their teacher in order to follow-up with what needs to be done. Open communication with their teachers will greatly help your child achieve their academic goals.

Making New Friends: Many children, especially those who are bullied, not only need a confidence booster, but also need friends. Take the time to help your child develop new friendships. In order for those friendships to blossom, children themselves need to be friendly. And parents need to get out of their comfort zone and reach out to other parents as well. Go beyond the birthday parties and sporting events to meet other parents. For instance, host a family fun night once a month at your home. This will surely encourage strong friendships for years to come.

Developing a New Year's Resolution with your child could set the tone for them as an adult. They will be aware of the importance of having a written down plan. Sort of like what a Fortune 500 company does with a business plan. Every successful business has a plan, shouldn't every successful child have one as well? Take some time and write out a realistic plan with your child. You won't regret it.  


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