2011 Year End Reflections

This year parents learned a lot of things - good and bad.

As 2011 comes to a close, it's a good time to reflect on the things parents have learned this ... 

  1. Aresenic: Thanks to Dr. Oz's attention grabbing show, parents can now be even more concerned about the levels of arsenic in their children's juice. Watch out mom! Is your child really drinking 8 oz. of apple juice or a tall glass of death on the rocks?

  2. Car Seats: The American Academy of Pediatrics has advised us to keep our children in a rear-facing seat until the age of 2. Now if we can only find a rear-facing seat that can accommodate those growing legs.

  3. Brush Those Teeth: Dentists have brought to our attention that in order to truly prevent cavities parents should actively be involved with brushing their children's teeth until the age of 8. I wish they had said that earlier before I bought that brand new spinbrush.

  4. Sports Camp Dangers: If you thought about sending your son to a sports camp at Penn State or any other college, the latest sexual abuse case with Sandusky will definitely make you think twice. Despite the allegations in this case, awareness has been brought to a greater light,  leading parents to discuss sexual abuse with their children.

  5. Gay History class: Gay history class could be coming to a school near you...well not really near you, rather to the western United States. In California, a bill was just added to make public schools teach gay history to students.

  6. Choking Game: This year we learned of a game that has killed many teens and adolescents. This is seen as fun, but can ultimately kill children. If you have not talked to your child about this game, now is the time.

  7. Heart Failure: We learned that can happen with teen athletes regardless of whether they have previous conditions or not.

  8. Cancer and Cell Phone Use: Greater awareness was brought to all adults that cell phones give off radiation that could lead to brain cancer, which is progressive over time. Make sure your child is using an appropriate ear piece.

  9. Toddlers and Tiaras: We also learned that just because you dress your daughter up as a prostitute does not mean she will win the .

  10. Get a Degree: If your son is destined to be an NBA basketball player, he should finish first because there is no guarantee that there won't be another lock out. That way he won't end applying for a job at Home Depot like DeIonte West

These are just a few of the many things we have learned this year. Hopefully, things will be better in 2012.

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