Jesus in Islam

Many religions around the world might not participate in Christmas, but majority certainly regard Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) as an historic figure.

The international Christian community will be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th, with the holiday called “Christmas.” Other religions around the world might not participate in this holiday, but majority certainly regard Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) as an historic figure.

They might disagree on his status though.

For example, Muslims revere Jesus (PBUH) as a prophet though they do not believe in his divinity. But it is interesting to note that even the New Testament provides abundant evidence that he was a human being whom God chose for the reformation of His people. Jesus (PBUH) referred to himself as having been sent by God (John 17:3) and his followers, too, considered him a man approved by God (Act 2:22, John 3:2) In particular, the Ahmadi Muslims believe that Jesus (PBUH) was commissioned by God to revive the true spirit of the Torah in the hearts of the Israelites and clear any misunderstanding about the Law. He purified and revitalized Judaism.

In regards to his birth, the Holy Quran affirms that he was born of a virgin, and disclaims the notion that Mary was not pious and that his birth was illegitimate. Moreover, it is on account of her piety that Chapter 19 in the Holy Quran is named after her. The virgin birth of Jesus was no doubt a miracle, but according to the Ahmadiyya Muslim view, miracles always work in accordance with God’s laws, no matter how limited our understandings of those laws may be. 

The Holy Quran mentions several miracles performed by Jesus (PBUH) - including his ability to create birds, to cure the blind, deaf, and the leprous, and raising the dead to life (Quran 3:50). In the Islamic teachings, miracles are extraordinary events in the sense that no human being without divine help can produce them but they are not against the laws of nature. So the ability to create birds is a metaphor meaning ordinary people who accepted the teachings of Jesus (PBUH) were spiritually transformed into birds soaring high into the lofty regions of the spiritual firmament above all worldly concerns.” Additionally, he restored sight to those people who were spiritually blind, gave hearing to those who were spiritually deaf, and healed those who were spiritually sick. Similarly, he gave life to those who were spiritually dead.

In regards to death of Jesus (PBUH), Muslims disagree with the assertion that Jesus died an accursed death on the cross as mentioned in the Quran.  The founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad proved from the New Testament that though Jesus was nailed to the cross, he did not perish on it. He was removed from the cross in a state of unconsciousness by his devoted followers (Quran 4:158). In addition, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, in his book, “Jesus in India” stated that Jesus died a natural death and is buried in Kashmir, India. 

In conclusion, Christians and Muslims have similar beliefs about Jesus, but differ in some. Both believe in Mary, the mother of Jesus, to be a virgin, and therefore believe Jesus was born miraculously. Also, they believe in the many miracles performed by Jesus (PBUH). Nevertheless, while Christians believe Jesus (PBUH) to be the son of God, Muslims do not. In addition, Christians believe Jesus (PBUH) died for the atonement of the sins of humanity and ascended to Heaven.  Ahmadi Muslims believe he was removed from the cross by his followers and died after completing his mission. Regardless of the differences, both religions believe Jesus (PBUH) was an honorable, respected leader and historic figure.

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