Georgia Ranks as One of the Unhealthiest States in the Nation

The Peach State is listed as the 12th least healthy in America. The state has seen an increase in obesity since last year.

A new reports says Georgia is one of the least healthy states in the nation. (Credit: Bing Images)
A new reports says Georgia is one of the least healthy states in the nation. (Credit: Bing Images)

Although, the state has improved overall, Georgia is still one of the unhealthiest in America according to the United Health Foundation’s 2013 report.

Up one spot from last year, Georgia ranked as the 38th healthiest, or 12 unhealthiest, among the 50 states.

Georgia ranked 30th in obesity and smoking this year. In 2012, the state came in at 27 and 25 respectively. According to the report, 2.1 million adults in Georgia are considered obese. 

The United Health Foundation cites Georgia’s low high school graduation rate, high percentage of children living in poverty and a high amount of low birthweights as major issues affecting the health of Georgians. The high school graduation rate has gone up for the seventh year in a row however. Up from 60.8 percent in 2006 to 69.9 percent today. According to the report, 51.3 percent of adults over age 25 who finished high school said their health was very good, compared to only 22.2 percent of dropouts.

The foundation applauds the state for having a low amount of binge drinking, low number of incidences of pertussis (or whooping cough) infections, and a high number of children getting vaccinations.

Hawaii was named the healthiest state, while Mississippi came in dead last. Southern states comprise eight of the 10 least healthy states. 

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