Brookwood High Orienteers Win U.S. Interscholastic Championship

More than 400 entrants from 27 states competed in the championships.

Left to Right, Alex Vazhayinal, Austin Fowler, Matt Stout, and Edwin Villatoro.
Left to Right, Alex Vazhayinal, Austin Fowler, Matt Stout, and Edwin Villatoro.

A four-student team from Brookwood High School won the U.S. Interscholastic Orienteering Championship held April 4-6, 2014 near Oxford, Ohio.

The team won in the varsity category.

Team members are seniors Matt Stout (Lilburn), Austin Fowler (Lawrenceville) and Edwin Villatoro (Lawrenceville), and junior Alex Vazhayinal (Lilburn). Fowler also was third in the national individual competition.

Henry County teams were second and third — Union Grove High and Henry County High — giving Georgia a sweep of the team varsity category.

The competition was hosted by the Orienteering Club of Cincinnati (OCIN). More than 400 entrants from 27 states participated in this year’s meet.

About Orienteering

Orienteering is a navigation sport.  Using only a map and compass, but no GPS, competitors navigate through the deserts, forests, mountains and some urban parks to locate and check in at electronic controls that are placed in advance in the terrain.  The fastest competitor to find all the controls in the correct order and return to the finish wins. The sport started in Sweden in the 1800s as a military training exercise and came to the US in the 1960s. For more information: www.orienteeringusa.org.

About the Georgia Orienteering Club

The Georgia Orienteering Club hosts several meets per month throughout the fall, winter, and spring across north and middle Georgia, in which more than 3,000 people participate. For more information: www.gaorienteering.org.


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