You Ask, We Answer: Police Activity on Sunday on Webb Ginn Road

A reader wants to know what was going on.

A Patch reader sent us this email Tuesday morning:

Ms. Evans, 

This past Sunday morning there were a ton of police cars on Webb Ginn Road in Lawrenceville.  One stationed at Great Oaks Landing and one stationed further down the road towards Highway 20.  Approx. 15 police were located in Spring Arbor Sub./Div. pool area. The police were showing a picture of what appeared to be a boy about the age of 4 that was found on Webb Ginn the night before. Can you tell us what happened and was the boys parents located? 

Janette Witt

We reached out to the and got this answer for our reader:

This was regarding a child that was found without the parents or guardian. The officers located the family and reunited the child with the family.


Thanks for the question Janette.

John Moon August 31, 2011 at 09:22 PM
I would like to know how the gwinnett county police are allowed to use county property for personal use at the tax payers expense such as the police car or truck , gas prices are too high for this to be allowed it should be the same as stilling from the tax payer if they leave the county unless it is job related.


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