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Surviving Thanksgiving Break

Don't let Thanksgiving break drive you crazy. Take these simple survival tips to get through the next 7 days.

So the kids are out of school all this week. A home that was once quiet right around 10:00am is now filled with laughter, crying, fighting and repetitive questions like, “What are we going to do today?” and  “Can I go over to Mark’s house?” In order to maintain some form of sanity this week here are a few things that you should do to survive Thanksgiving break.

Have A Plan

Let’s be real, no one wants to stay home for an entire week. Take yourself for example, more than likely you do something enjoyable every other day and those things are probably outside of your home. So, realistically your children want the same thing too. There should only be a couple days out of this week where they spend the entire day at home. The catch to this is for you to pick what they are going to do every day. Having a plan in place for each day will make this week fly by. That way your children will not become agitated and in return drive you crazy. 

New Housekeepers

The in-laws will probably be stopping by on Black Friday, so get to cleaning! Now that the kids are home all day, put them to work. You could probably finish your chores in half the time now that you have more hands. For those teen children who are going to have an attitude regardless of what you decide, turn them into your personal housekeepers. The attic needs cleaning, the garage needs decluttering and the leaves need to be raked. And even the little ones can dust and organize their closets.


This week there are only a few story times taking place at the local libraries. On Monday, November 19th at 3:30 pm a puppet show will be in full swing at Five Forks Library. On Wednesday, November 21, at 11:00am Barnes & Noble at Webb Ginn will have their regular storytime for toddlers.

Outdoor and indoor fun

A good hour of outdoor or indoor fun will help any parent survive Thanksgiving break. Just think about the amount of energy children have stored up. Help them use that energy by taking them to a local playground right after breakfast or lunch Allow them to invite a few of their friends over for an afternoon treat or to have a video game marathon at your house. While their friends are over you could welcome their parents over as well to enjoy some adult conversation. Additionally, there are indoor playgrounds like Hippo Hopp in Duluth which not only has fun bouncy houses, but also sells a variety of organic kid-friendly foods. Monkey Joes in Lawrenceville is also an option, and so is the place I enjoy the most which is Catch-Air in Suwanee.

Have a Tasty Treat

There are a plethora of tasty treat restaurants in Lawrenceville to check out. Make a list of the ones you have not visited yet. Like Popcorn Haven, Cupcake People and Sweet Frog, these are just a few of the many tasty eateries here in Lawrenceville. Make sure it's something that you will enjoy as well. 

Mom’s Night In or Out!

Now that you are working overtime for the next 7 days. Make sure you take some time for yourself… every day. Even if it’s to the $2 show to watch a movie you haven’t seen yet. Or maybe take your laptop and go to Starbucks they are now open 24/7. Whatever you do make sure you take some time for yourself in order to survive Thanksgiving break. 


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