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Meet Lawrenceville Patch Blogger Michael Pringle

The former professional football player and CFL Hall of Famer blogs about sports nutrition, health and fitness on Lawrenceville Patch.

Do you read the blogs on your local Patch? Blogging is fun, easy, free and open to everyone. In May, Patch is going to take some time to get to know our local bloggers. This week we are visiting with Michael Pringle, whose blogs are frequently featured on the Lawrenceville Patch.

of 15 years who enjoys blogging about sports nutrition, diet and weight loss, training and overall health. 

Pringle received his Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice from California State University of Fullerton and was originally drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in 1990. Pringle also spent some time playing in the Canadian Football league prior to retiring in 2004 and he was inducted into the CFL Hall of Fame in 2008.

Currently Pringle owns and operates the located in the Avenue Webb Gin in Lawrenceville.  Pringle’s interests include sports, health, fitness and nutrition, and he enjoys coaching football and track. The most important thing for Pringle, however, is spending time with his family.

In an email questionnaire Pringle explains why he chooses to blog on Patch:

“I was finding that a majority of people coming into my store had a lot of questions about how to lose weight and what was fact and what was fiction as far as supplements were concerned. Should you eat carb or not, and if so, how much when? I also noticed a lot of female customers wanting to get in better shape but not wanting to take protein for fear that the protein would give them big muscles. Then there were young student athletes telling me that they want to get bigger and asking us to show them our testosterone boosters. Testosterone boosters, for a middle school or high school student, really? 

"I realized there is so much confusion and so many questions on how to reach your health and fitness goals that I thought it would be a good idea to blog and hit on some of the many topics that our customers have asked and hopefully clear up some common myths and misconceptions.”

Pringle hopes to stress his passion for this industry. Describing himself as a “workout fanatic all of his life,” he enjoys sharing the knowledge he has gained during his professional career with others.

“I want the public to know that our products at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition are not just for jocks and bodybuilders as some might think," he writes. "Max Muscle products and detailed nutrition programs are for everyone, including soccer moms, hard-working fathers, endurance athletes, high school kids and the elderly. Our goal is life-long health for everyone.

Michael’s favorite quotation is: “Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” – Edward Stanley

Did you know that anyone may choose to blog on their local Patch? You might blog for personal, educational or informational reasons, or perhaps your business would like to create a blog about their services. Blogging on Patch is fun and can be done on your schedule with no deadlines. You can post multiple entries per day or just a few times a month. Patch blogs were created to be a forum of free expression for everyone. Ready to get started? Visit the "Blog on Patch" page and get started now!


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