Hot Blogs: Shameful Citizens, True Love and a New Parenting Strategy

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Dacula Patch blogger Cynthia Montgomery received a bountiful amount of comments this week on her blog entitled “Are you a Shameful Citizen?” Montgomery discusses non-voters and the impact they have on the elections. Montgomery brings to the table the point that maybe apathy is not such a bad thing as “it keeps uninformed and lazy citizens from casting votes.”

Loganville-Grayson Patch
blogger Jason Brooks writes this week about his love for his wife as they reach their 11th wedding anniversary. Brooks discusses love and marriage and shares his thoughts about what makes it all work.

Cathy Bruce shares a few keys to success when teaching reliable dog behavior in her blog on the Lawrenceville Patch. Bruce discusses consistency, follow through and generalization as well as how dog owners can make the most of training everywhere.

This week on his Athens Patch blog Count Raoul shares a story written by his friend Murray Beasley. Beasley discusses a parenting style known as “The Strategy” made famous by Raoul himself. If you are interested in getting your children to change their behavior, read this blog and learn about “The Strategy.”

Fort Stewart Patch blogger Kaleh Sapp checks in this week while her husband is away for JRTC. Sapp discusses how it feels to be the wife of a soldier who is preparing for deployment and how her motivation to accomplish her usual tasks is dwindling while he is away. Check out Sapp's blog and see how these feelings help her realize he is "the one."

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