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Hot Blogs: A Non-Christian President, Marriage Pocketbook and Celebrity Adoptions

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Don’t miss what the “Local Voices” had to say this week on surrounding Patches. Below are some blogs that got people talking this week. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your two cents in!

Brian Crawford raked in the comments this week with his blog post on Dacula Patch entitled “Does Religion Matter Anymore?” Crawford discusses the subject of religion, Mormonism and Mitt Romney and asks an apparently very sensitive question -- is our country ready to elect its first non-Christian President?

The Carl House blogs on Barrow Patch this week about financial health in relationships. In this post the financial team at the Carl House lists tips for new couples to consider during their first year of marriage and beyond.

Athens Patch blogger Count Raoul takes a fun look at the phenomenon of Facebook this week and makes a great point, most of us look at Facebook to see what our friends think about what we are up to. Raoul discusses who the Facebook show-offs are, what you should avoid posting and what is the most fun to read about.

Fort Stewart Patch blogger Patty Lazarus discusses adoption and how some celebrities are called to adopt. Lazarus looks at several recent celebrity adoptions, one by actress Charlize Theron, and another by television personality Jillian Michaels and finally the adoption of Daisy True by actress Meg Ryan. Lazarus is the mother of two boys and a daughter she adopted at birth here in the U.S.

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