5 Things for Last Minute Tax Filers

Where to find a post office open late, e-filing services and more.

There are just a handful of hours left before taxes are due. We had a few extra days to file as well. But if you're one to wait until the very last minute, here are some tips to help you make the midnight deadline.

1. Which Post Office is Open Late?

All of the post offices in Gwinnett County have now closed. One post office in Atlanta, near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport will remain open until 11:59pm. Your envelope(s) must be postmarked by 11:59pm in order for your returns to be considered filed by the deadline, so that means you can't just drop it in a drop box at the because it may not be postmarked until they open in the morning.

2. E-file and FreeFile

Send your file safely from the comfort of your own home through e-filing. And if you make less than $58,000, you may qualify to e-file your federal return for free. But, there's still a charge for e-filing your Georgia state return.

3. Last Minute Copies

FedEx Office locations in and Snellville are regularly open until 11pm, while the Duluth location near Gwinnett Place is open 24 hours. 

4. Late Night Pick Me Up

Crunching numbers all night can make you sleepy. Caffeine can help keep you running and meet the midnight filing deadline. Both Lawrenceville locations of Dunkin' Donuts are open 24 hours as are several others in Gwinnett County. You can find Dunkin' on  and .

5. File for an Extension

If you just can't finish your taxes by midnight, you should file for an extension using Form 4868. This will give you another six months to file. However, if you do owe taxes, you still must pay at least 90% of the amount due by the midnight deadline to avoid paying interest and penalties. There are no penalties or interest if you are anticipating a refund.


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