The Debate Changes the Minds of the 20 Percent

Debate 1: Romney vs. Obama - who won?

After the debate was over, one thing was for sure and that is that Obama's "Trickle Down Government' plan is not working.  Obama spoke for over four and a half minutes more than Mitt Romney and it did not help him at all.  Romney is a straight shooter and tells it like it is.  Obama, he just went from word to word with no new ideas to change this falling economy.  Obama kept saying what he would do to help our country to recover and each time he spoke. I wanted to remind him that HE WAS the president for the last four years.  He has had four years so why did he not do those things in the last four years to drop unemployment, lower gas prices, and so on.  Romney spoke like a president more so then Obama.  He was strong. He was on track.  He was encouraging.  Obama is so used to his "yes men" praising him that when Romney questioned him and his programs, Obama was stunned. Obama was angry that Romney would question his "EYE CANDY" status!

We are worse off now than when Obama took office, Obama should have come out blazing.  Obama was bland and weak in his performance.  He was not the fiery speaker we see when he is in front of his supporters.  Obama seemed to be all over the place with no direction.  Obama is soft, too soft.  I believe it was from his previous months of easy TV appearances.  The president has been appearing all over the Boob Tube as of late. Appearing on The View, Lettermen, and Leno's couch instead of dealing with world leaders where tough minds and bold leaders exchange words.  Obama's past month has only prepared him for being the next judge on the Voice not the next president!   I suggest you will not be seeing Obama on TV shows before the next debate.

The candidates were asked about the role of government and the recovery.   Obama says government programs will take our country out of this failure.  Romney said that Americans and private sector businesses will take our country back to glory.  The sad thing is Obama has been in charge of the government for four years and some how he still believes his own words! Even sadder was watching Obama's campaign manager explain why his guy lost the debate! 

My question is, what government program do you think it is better than the same type of business in the private sector.  The US Post Office has been failing for years even with the government's/our money to keep it afloat. A similar mail delivery private sector company is UPS. UPS is growing and successful. Except for the military, I believe the private sector is more capable than the government in most instances.  With this mindset, why would you want the government to take over your health care?  If you look at the VA hospitals, which are government run hospitals, then you know that having the government run your health care is a very bad idea!  

Romney took Obama to school tonight by showing his superior knowledge about how to "fix" our country.  Romney clearly understands business better than Obama. He schooled Obama about how businesses will take our country back to the shinning city on the hill.  Obama continued to say Romney was not saying specifics about how Romney would turn the economy around.  I heard many specifics about how Romney would turn this country around. Is it possible that the left seems not to hear specifics because they don't know enough about how businesses work to understand how they can help the economy?   While Romney brought new ideas to the debate, Obama same old "Talking Points" were simply wearing thin on me and most viewers.  His disrespect, by talking over his time limits and his talking over Romney showed his arrogance boldly to the viewers. When put up against the respectful, humble, and intelligent Romney, Obama just melted.

Let me ask you, where are you in the voting line?  What did you hear from each candidate that makes you lean for or against either man?  The results of the focus groups that were watching the debate say it was Governor Romney's night.  So when you look at a president that could not stop talking, while saying nothing, and then you see Romney telling America, in his own words, how he will take America back to its glory day, who do you want to lead you for the next four years?  Obama is a nice guy. He is a poor leader.  Our national unemployment is still over 8 percent.  It is time for a new direction for our country and Romney is the man to drive us to greatness again.

Interesting fact...when the national channels were about to report on the focus poll results stating that Romney won the debate.... they all went blank!  If you went to CNN, you would have heard it was indeed Romney's night.  Kind of interesting that on a night when the liberal channels, that have been supporting Obama, would have had to report that Romney won the debate, the channels went blank!  What say yea? Who won the debate?

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Paul L. Dragu October 08, 2012 at 08:01 PM
Lol. @ Ga Repub. The point is the writer of this article is clearly enthusiastic about Mitt Romney. It's this type of hope in the new guy that keeps us blind to the signs that point to more or less the same coming attractions. There's not much to show that Mittens will back the Fed from intruding on our privacy or the crap education they impose the state teach. There's no sign we're retracting from war. It's a game and we're pawns who perpetuate the decline. We, as a people, need to stop tooting these sleazeballs' horns just b/c their better than the alternative and start holding them accountable before they get into office. We can say," Well, he seems better than the alternative, but I'll be watching this guy close and so should you." Make sense?
Cynthia Montgomery October 08, 2012 at 08:42 PM
@ Ga Repub. The point is the writer of this article is clearly enthusiastic about Mitt Romney. It's this type of hope in the new guy that keeps us blind to the signs that point to more or less the same coming attractions. Paul the VERY same comments can be said about obuma 4 years ago. He lacks leadership skills and refuses to see the world as it is instead preferring to have America believe ALL IT WELL in the Middle East when from everyone's else view it is on fire. We Republicans tried to "VET" the BOOB TUBE WANNABE Prez but the liberal left media just wanted to give the man a PASS. Today our economy is in a shambles, 4 years of 8 above unemployments numbers-(questionable this month), the stock market looks great because the companies are running on skeleton crews fearing what Obama will do next, our enemies don't fear us and our allies don't trust us. He passed a non funded medical program by stealing from medicare and is the laughing stock around the world for his, "Let's Be Nice to the Enemy" and maybe they will love us mentality!" We will take years to get out of the mess Obama has created. We will have to do double the work just to put our country back in a place of honor instead of the place of dishonor. There is no perfect doctor, teacher, parent, or president so I don't expect perfection from Romney yet, I can see a body forming in the empty chair in the Oval Office. The best presidents have always come from governorships not congress. Educate & VOTE!
Paul L. Dragu October 08, 2012 at 11:26 PM
Cynthia, I agree, The EXACT same thing was said about Obama 4 years ago. That's precisely my point. And we are doing it again this year. It's like a cruel joke. Let's take our party filter off and perceive things objectively. You talk about unemployment and all that jazz like it's all Obama's fault. The Home Reinvestment Act that forced banks to make crap loans to unqualified citizens which kicked off the entire recession was passed when Obama was a nobody. We went to war under Bush 10 years ago. They didn't fear us for Bush's 8 years and they don't fear us now. QE1 was passed under Bush. Where's the objectivity? We need new blood, Constitutionalists, actual public servants. But that won't happen until all the conservatives back up, see things for what they are, and not glee because the same Harvard boob, but with a red tie, has a shot at the Office
Tammy Osier October 15, 2012 at 12:50 AM
Paul, a lot of people like the Libertarians (Ron Paul comes to mind) and they stayed on top of the news for quite a while. But I think that the foreign policy stuff drove people away. Maybe it will take a while, but I do think they are gaining some ground. At least, they gained more this time than I've seen in past years.
Cynthia Montgomery October 15, 2012 at 01:06 PM
PAUL, I agree that is correct but the liberal left said to the banks if you don;t give out these loans then you will NOT get any more Fannie and Freddie backed money! Remember that when leaders want to secure votes they make sure their voters are getting all the freebies they can. That case was about a bank that said NO to a woman that wanted to use her unemployment checks as income when she applied for a loan. The bank said no. ACORN said do it and sued the bank. The banks were told get this money out into the hands of the poor and those unable to normally get a loan and so here we are in the worst home crisis in America's history. THANK YOU BARNEY FRANK!!! Obama was in Chicago. Obama was invested in that area. Obama was supporting ACORN. Look deeper to find the truth. The president just gave another 10 weeks to the unemployed millions of Americans that STILL can not find a JOB! It is time for America to put a true JOB MAKER in the White House and kick out the wanna be leader and send him packing all the way back to Acorn land!!


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