Several Violations for New Shoney's: Restaurant Inspections December 9

The restaurant at Sugarloaf Mills still needs to take care of some things before they open to the public.

The following are restaurant health inspection scores as reported by Gwinnett County: 
American Deli
, 665 Duluth Highway Suite 1001
Score: 91 A
Inspection Date: December 9
Previous Score: 88 B (1/31/13), 95 A (10/9/12)
Type of inspection: Routine
Violations: 8-2B, Violation of Code: [.07(6)(b) ] Sprayer with oven cleaner not labeled with the common name of the chemical. Sprayer labeled. Make certain all working containers of toxic chemicals have the common name of the chemical.  Corrected On-Site.  New Violation. 10D, Violation of Code: [.04(4)(d) ] Bulk containers of sugar and salt not labeled with the common name of the food. Make certain all food containers are labeled, especially those that are difficult to identify by sight.  New Violation. 15A, Violation of Code: [.05(6)(a) ] Fryer baskets have broken wires. Replace.  Repeat Violation. 

Shoney's, 5900 Sugarloaf Parkway Suite R2
Score: N/A
Inspection Date: December 9
Previous Score: None Available
Type of inspection: Required before opening
Violations: 2-2D, Violation of Code: [.07(3)(a) ] No handsoap at some handsinks. Handsinks must be supplied with handsoap at all times.  New Violation. 2-2D, Violation of Code: [.07(3)(b) ] Paper towels not provided at some handsinks. Paper towels must be provided at handsinks at all times.  New Violation. 4-2B, Violation of Code: [.05(7)(b) ] Ice machine observed with pink and black mold like substance. Food contact surfaces must be cleaned at a frequency to prevent accumulations. Please drain ice and clean ice machine thoroughly.  New Violation. 5-2, Violation of Code: [.04(7)(e) ] Menu submitted does not include reminder next to some items that are served undercooked (each burger, ribeye and top sirloin). Consumer advisory on menu not in all capital letters. A reminder (asterisk) must be placed next to each item that advisory applies to. Consumer advisory must be in all capital letters. Please ensure that this is done on to-go menus as well.  New Violation. 6-1A,Violation of Code: [.04(6)(f) ] Some coolers were not turned on. Please have all coolers turned on to access proper cold holding at reinspection.  New Violation. 11D, Violation of Code: [.05(2)(x) ] Hanging thermometers not observed in coolers and freezers. Hanging thermometers must be located at the warmest part of each cooler, freezer and hot holding unit.  New Violation. 11D, Violation of Code: [.05(3)(g) ] No thermometer provided for taking the temperature of foods. A thermometer capable of testing the temperature of thinly sliced foods must be provided (ex. digital thermometer).  New Violation. 12A, Violation of Code: [.04(4)(u) ] No side sneeze guards provided at buffet tables. Food must be protected from contamination at all times. Please install side sneeze guards.  New Violation. 12A, Violation of Code: [.04(4)(t) ] Handsink on cookline not provided with splash guards which may pose a risk of contamination to food by splash. Food must be protected from contamination at all times. Please install washable splash guards.  New Violation. 13A, Violation of Code: [.07(3)(d) ] No handwashing signs at handsinks. All handsinks must be provided with reminder handwashing signs.  New Violation. 15A, Violation of Code: [.05(1)(a) ] Shelving to the right of buffet table made of unfinished wood. All wood must be painted with a high gloss paint or stained with a high gloss finish.  New Violation. 15B, Violation of Code: [.05(2)(cc) ] Dish machine not working at time of inspection. Dish machine must be working and must automatically dispense detergents and sanitizers. This will be assessed re-inspection.  New Violation. 15B, Violation of Code: [.05(3)(h),(i) ] No test strips provided for testing sanitizers. Test strips must be provided for all types of sanitizers used to ensure sanitizer is at proper concentration.  New Violation. 15C, Violation of Code: [.05(7)(a)2,3 ] Racks in walk in cooler observed with rust. All food and nonfood contact surfaces of equipment must be cleaned and kept in good repair. Please re-coat shelving.  New Violation. 16B, Violation of Code: [.06(2)(r) ] Hot water knob missing at handsink across from dish machine. All plumbing must be maintained in good repair. Please have knob replaced.  New Violation. 17A, Violation of Code: [.06(5)(g)3 ] No trashcans provided at handsinks. A waste receptacle must be provided at all handsinks.  New Violation. 17C, Violation of Code: [.07(5)(n) ] Observed equipment that will not be used for facility. Facility must be free of all unnecessary items. Please remove any equipment or items that will not be used by Shoney's.  New Violation. 17C, Violation of Code: [.07(2)(c) ] Cove base tiles at mop sink area observed with missing or broken grout. All floor and wall junctures must be sealed. Please re-grout cove base tiles in this area.  New Violation. 17C, Violation of Code: [.07(2)(a) ] Ceiling tiles missing in some areas. Ceiling tiles must be provided in all food prep and food storage areas. Please replace ceiling tiles. Wall and ceiling under pick up window observed with unfinished ceiling and wall. Ceiling and wall in this area must be washable. Ceilintg to be stainless steel and wall to be FRP per contractor.  New Violation.

Kacey's Home Cooking, 520 West Pike Street
Score: 86 B
Inspection Date: December 9
Previous Score: 95 A (6/28/13), 87 B (5/15/13)
Type of inspection: Routine
Violations: 4-2B, Violation of Code: [.05(7)(a)1 ] Observed build-up of black mold in ice machine. Corrective action: Ice machine was cleaned. All food-contact surfaces must be clean to sight and touch.  Corrected On-Site.  New Violation. 6-1D, Violation of Code: [.04(6)(i) ] 1. Observed items on buffet labeled with time of 11am-2:30pm. Current time was 3pm. According to person in charge, the items were placed on the bar at 2pm. Corrective action: Start and discard times of items were updated. 2. Items on buffet were labeled with start time of 2:30pm. However, according to person in charge, they were placed on buffet at 2pm. Corrective action: Start and discard times on labels were updated. 3. Cut melon, cut tomatoes, and deviled eggs on buffet under time control had no start and discard time. Corrective action: Start and discard time labels were added.
All potentially hazardous foods under time as a public health control must have labels with correct start and discard time not to exceed 4 hours.  Corrected On-Site.  New Violation. 14B, Violation of Code: [.05(10)(a) ] Observed metal dishes for buffet line stacked drying after being washed that were stacked wet. According to person in charge, they sometimes dry items with paper towels. All dishes must be allowed to air-dry before stacking. Do not use paper towels to dry items. After cleaning and sanitizing, equipment and utensils must be air-dried.  New Violation.


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