Meet Anita of Anita's Balm

This Lawrenceville, Ga business was started by a mother looking to help her son with eczema.

Name: Anita Redd

Business Name: Anita’s Balm

What are your hours? Monday through Friday 9 - 5

How long have you been in business? How long in Lawrenceville? I've been in business one year in November. The whole time in Lawrenceville.

What does your business do? I created Anita’s Balm for my son with eczema and we sell to merchants around the country.

How many employees do you have? Just myself.

Why did you start your business? Doctors told me what I could not use on my son and there was nothing effective on the market so I developed Anita’s Balm.

What’s your favorite part about your owning this business? The variety. Some days I network, sometimes I am on the road selling, I also work on the phone and computer a lot.

What makes your business different from others? We manufacture locally and are environmentally minded. We are mom-owned and debt-free.

What’s your goal for your business? Short term and long term?
Short term: We are waiting to hear from Whole Foods Atlanta this month.
Long term: To be accepted by health food and medical distributors.

Anything you would like to add? We have six great products and many great places to get them in and around Lawrenceville. I vend frequently at senior and disability events and would be happy to provide information regarding these events. My passion is for people with disabilities and illnesses.

Where can we find you? I'm online at Anitasbalm.comFacebook.com/anitasbalm and on Twitter @anitasbalm. You can also call 770-330-8446.


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