Lawrenceville Gas Prices Sept. 2

Who has the cheapest or most expensive gas prices in town this week?

Gas is up a bit from its lowest point last week but still topping out at $3.89 a gallon at one Lawrenceville station.

Here are the highest and lowest prices for a gallon of regular unleaded as reported by GeorgiaGasPrices.com:

Lowest $3.49 at:

, 1488 Duluth Hwy & Purcell Road
, 950 Herrington Road and Cruse Road
, 2100 Riverside Pkwy & GA-120
Phillips 66, 3046 Lawrenceville Hwy & Bethesda Church Road
Kroger, 455 Grayson Hwy SW near Gwinnett Dr. SW

Highest $3.89 at:
, 1184 Lawrenceville Hwy & Johnson Road

What gas prices have you seen around town?


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