Lawrenceville Gas Prices October 14

After weeks of dropping, the prices at the pump have jumped back up.

All good things must come to an end. After several weeks of dropping and inching towards the $3 mark, the price of gas has jumped back up. It's risen as much as ten cents a gallon at Lawrenceville gas stations. Here are the highest and lowest prices for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline as reported by GeorgiaGasPrices.com:


$3.19 - , 950 Herrington Rd & Cruse Rd

$3.19 - Shell, 901 Oakland Rd & Cruse Rd

$3.22 - , 2815 Club Dr NW & Cruse Rd NW



$3.34 - , 251 Hurricane Shoals Rd NW & Whitehall Ln

$3.33 - , 1000 Grayson Hwy & Park Place

$3.30 - Shell, 647 Grayson Hwy & Davis Rd


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