Get in Step with Fancy Footwork Fitness

This dance and fitness studio in Lawrenceville, Ga. proves you can have fun while getting in shape.

Name: Nwenna Bowie

Business Name:

What are your hours? Our hours vary according to classes. The majority of our classes are in the evening so we are usually open on Monday mornings 9:30 -11:30 am, Thursday mornings 8:30 -10:30am, Monday through Thursday 5 – 9pm, we are also open on Saturdays 10am -12pm.

We are currently adding more classes so I am sure our open times will change a bit.

How long have you been in business? How long in Lawrenceville?

We have been in business since July 11, 2011 and have been in Lawrenceville since that time.

What does your business do?

We are a dance/ fitness studio focusing on fitness classes in Zumba Fitness, Zumba Toning, Bellydance, Hot Hula Fitness, Z-Box Fitness, Balletone and session classes for Bellydance and American Tribal Style.

How many employees do you have?


Why did you start your business?  

I was always into fitness and I also enjoy dancing. I initially began teaching Zumba Fitness because the focus was not only on dancing but it incorporated fitness. I have always been passionate about helping others reach fitness goals and feel good about themselves. Our studio offers many genres of fitness classes that incorporate dance moves with them making it “fun to workout.” I envisioned a place where people could reach their fitness goals without the commitment of a contract like many gyms usually do.  We also have a small center for people to bring their children between the age of 12 months – 6 years old while they workout with a small additional fee. This was very important for me because being a single mother of two children I understand the struggle of trying to incorporate a workout into an already busy lifestyle. The last thing you want to worry about is where are you going to take your children. At FFF, you can enjoy your workout with your children being close at hand!

What’s your favorite part about your owning this business?

My favorite part is seeing the difference I have made in many people’s lives that have never even imagined beginning a workout plan. I have students that have become so regular to where this is part of their daily routine and without it they feel as though they are missing something. This let’s me know that I am doing my job which is why I began this studio to help others. In addition, I have considered the studio to be a community place where many of the students have developed relationships amongst each other.   

What makes your business different from others?

We are different because we offer class cards with no registration fees and no contract requirement like most gyms and fitness centers do. There is an option to purchase class cards with three-month expiration dates, unlimited cards with 30-day expiration dates and we also offer memberships with a signed contract.  The choices give people a variety of options that many people enjoy due to their busy lives and schedules. The best thing is that you are not obligated to stick with one option once you chose that. You can change your selection each time you are up for renewal! 

What also makes us different is that we take the “pain” out of starting a workout and put the “fun” into it.  At FFF, the focus is on making sure you leave sweating without realizing how hard you have actually worked out!  This has been the key to many of the weightloss success stories that I have seen amongst our participants. And I believe it is working!

What’s your goal for your business? Short term and long term?

My short-term goals are to secure a larger location in the nearby area, which is actually coming in November 2012! My long-term goals are to add a children’s afterschool program and also to continue growing and keeping everyone motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating and exercising. 

Anything you would like to add?

We are a very diverse facility and have a variety of ages and ethnicities.  This to me is a true representation of Lawrenceville and I feel as though I am making a difference in the community by bringing people from all walks of life together to enjoy a fun fitness class or two to together! So come check us out!

How can we find you?

Our address is 198 Gwinnett Drive, Lawrenceville, Ga. Our website is www.fancyfootworkfitness.com and our Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/fancyfitness.

Have you visited this business? or leave a comment in the comment section below.

Gentry Bowie September 15, 2012 at 03:45 AM
Fancy Footwork Fitness is a fantastic place to work at and to get an awesome workout also. The students are wonderful people who are dedicated and hard workers, who are not afraid of getting a good workout when they come to a class. The Instructor is energetic and this keeps the class fun and motivating. So stop by and check it out.
Tara C. Marion September 20, 2012 at 12:37 AM
I have been a member of Fancy Footwork Fitness for a year now and I find myself with so much more energy. Of course I was like a lot of people and purchased the DVD's when they were first advertised, but there's nothing like being in a class with such a motivating instructor. This place is Awesome!!!


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